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  1. The TV cost £690. I thought £450 was therefore reasonable.
  2. Hi Jonathan, Just had an e-mail from Dixons to say they are giving me a cheque of £450 + the cost of the enginners report £180.00!! So i'm very happy with that . Thanks for your help and letter template. Alan PS how long did it take to receive the cheque?
  3. Hi - thanks for your help. I received my quotation for repair - £825!!!! That's more then I paid for the television!! Can you send me the letter template? Hopefully they will pay up. Thanks again.
  4. My 37" Panasonic Viera developed a solid blue horizontal line on the display three days after the warranty expired. Beleive it or not Dixons are adamant that they will not honour the warranty. I have spoken with the Tech Guys who said it's a common fault and will require a new panel which will cost more to fix the TV is worth (approx £900!!!). I have written to customer service and i'm awaiting a response. Has anybody got any help / advice in the meantime?
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