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  1. Having had a proper look at the receipt, it seems that it is not marked trade sale, as I thought, he mentioned the term trade sale when we were outside, looking at it, my mistake - sorry. My insurers tell me, after leaving me waiting for quite a few minutes on the phone, that they are prepared to let the insurance stand, provided that I can supply an engineers report, stating that everything is OK, and that the machine has been repaired correctly. I suspect that the dealers mechanic was not involved in any repairs, and that the previous owner may have had it done elsewhere, or possib
  2. Yes, you are both right of course, but the fact is, I didn't. I'll be back when I've spoken to the insurers, and see what they say, which will be tomorrow.
  3. Thanks for the info UB. I've no idea what the normal price for a 2012 Lexmoto is, they are a fairly cheap Chinese bike, I paid £500 for it. I'll have a look in a magazine over the weekend. There was no notice on the bike about anything, nothing about the history, not even a price, but I had seen it on their website the previous evening. It was standing on the concrete strip between the shop and the pavement, with one other bike, I think that they do more repairs and mot's than secondhand sales. I bought it on 22 April He presumably had the logbook, because he handed
  4. I forgot to say that the colour on the logbook states that the machine is blue - it's not, it's black. Sam
  5. I purchased a 125cc motorcycle from a local motorcycle dealer two weeks ago. My insurers asked if, to my knowledge, it had ever been stolen, or scrapped; I asked how I would know, and they said that the dealer would know, so I called in to ask. His reply was that as far as he knew it hadn't. The V5C arrived this morning, and is marked "Salvaged because the cost of commercial repair was more than the value of the vehicle" The written receipt that I was given was endorsed "Trade Sale" Do I still have normal consumer rights for a refund, should my insurers turn funny whe
  6. Here's my little "Chime in" for you. I've no TV or licence, and haven't had for about fifteen years. The TVL people have called about three or four times, but have only been here twice, when I was in. I told them the situation the first time, and closed the door on them, and they walked away. The second time, when I told him that there was no TV here, he made the mistake of attempting to walk in. [paragraphs removed by site team] Sit and laugh at 'em, they don't like it! Sam
  7. I was talking to an RAC man recently, and he told me that "Motability" use KF for all their clients' tyre repairs, etc. As a driver of a "Motability" car for a disabled lady who lives about eight miles from me, my blood ran cold! Sam
  8. On the day that these new penalties started, I watched a bus driver in Stoke on Trent using a mobile, in what, apparently, seemed like text mode, whilst at the wheel of his bus. Last Friday, I stood in a shop, gazing out of the window, and in ten minutes, I observed six drivers using a mobile, one eating toast whilst driving, one drinking from a cardboard cup, and one lady police officer, composing text whilst in a slow moving queue going past my vantage point, unfortunately, my ipad was in the boot of my car, around the corner, but next Friday, when I'm in the laundrette, things will be
  9. Captain Kirk armed with a phaser? Sorry - I really couldn't resist it! Sam
  10. I've been a diagnosed diabetic since 2007. Since then, I've owned two cars, plus a van, and they are all insured for my business, (window cleaning). I also have one of my motorcycles insured, and I'm a driver for a lady who owns a car on the Motability scheme. In all of this time, I've never had a problem with insurance, if I did, I would move my business elsewhere. I have to add that I am rather strict with my diabetic regime, and my GP, who is twenty years younger than I, reckons I'm a lot healthier than he is! Sam
  11. Perhaps the private car parks racketeers are feeling the pinch, so they are chancing their arms elsewhere? Sam
  12. I thought of doing a car service to and from Manchester Airport when I got a new car last year. I'm retired, and it was to be for adult holidaymakers only. Surprisingly, I would have had to do "The Knowledge", in spite of being able to research the best route well in advance, unlike an "ad hoc" taxi driver. My advice is to not bother, it's a can of worms, unless you register properly. The taxman might take a keen interest, too! Sam
  13. I wonder if the CEO still had both hands on the wheel when he took a photo!
  14. Vehicle registered prior to 1960 no longer require an mot cert, I understand, but have to be roadworthy if on a public road. I have two motorcycles that come under this legislation. Insurance is still required, of course. Sam
  15. In my case, it could be my gas supplier who may need to be wary of fitting a smart meter. I have a radio transmitter installed in the same room, only about four feet away from the meter - I wonder what their electronics will think of that! Sam
  16. Cabot wrote the same "40 day" letter to me a bit back. Quite a bit back; it was nearer to four and a half years back! Sam
  17. Be very careful in your dealings with the AA, I had occasion to obtain an SAR from them, and I expected it to be full of lies, but to my surprise it wasn't. However, they had managed to "massage" the truth, by omitting parts of telephone conversations, and in the case of one conversation, missed it out altogether - they are as artful as a cartload of monkeys! Don't trust them. Sam
  18. I observe that the RSJ has a bend in part of - did you do that? If so, I wonder if the owner would have grounds for a claim from you.
  19. I think that if you google "this is staffordshire", you can read a copy of "The Sentinel", the local paper that reported it, just last week Sam, (in Staffordshire)
  20. Having looked at the photo, and read what you claim that you were trying to do, presumably you were intending to avoid the brick bit - is that correct? Were you intending to avoid the bricks, and reverse onto the grass, because if that was the case, then you should be done for criminal damage, and if you didn't leave enough room at the end of the bricks, then you must be a bl**dy poor driver! Suck it up, and take care in future. Sam
  21. sameagle

    Dvla messed up

    DVLA are now fully computerised, and so can never go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, //4¥%%%%% go wrong!
  22. OK, I am dealing with a sky credit card debt, and I am given to understand that all records for these have been destroyed, so we are on a bit of a winner, but the DCA thinks that there is still mileage in it, they never learn, do they! Sam
  23. Can I ask if this was a Sky credit card, or something to do with their television services? Sam
  24. There's a clue in the name "Rich burns", methinks! Sam
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