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  1. Site Team,PriorityOne,UnderCover-Elsa, UncleBulgaria and everyone here on CAG, To date, after I have sent MH two letters; 1. general letter requesting for further details about the alleged debt and, 2. letter stating that alleged is statute barred it was suggested a while ago that if I had not any replies from MH, then I might need to consider writing in to Ayrshire Trading Standards to complain about MH,and their harrasment. Is this a sensible way to go forward or do I just continue waiting? If a letter is needed, does anyone have a template letter to write to Ayrshire TS and what should I be sending as evidience. Many many thanks for your help and advise here.
  2. Undercover-Elsa, Nailpost, PriorityOne, Site Team and Everyone on CAG, Many thanks. I will forget about MH until after the New Year and then will seek for some clearer advice re: complaints and then complain more if they do not reply. I wish everyone a Blessed Christmas and also a good year for 2011.
  3. Undercover-Elsa,PriorityOne and Everyone Yes, I hope I cross MH off my Christmas List and forever. There is nothing coming from MH so fingers crossed.
  4. Site Team,PriorityOne, UndercoverElsa, unclebulgaria and everyone:) Greetings and thanks for festive wishes and all the great help and advices. It's been nearly 2 weeks and a bit and still no news from MH. As stated MH by your advice notes, MH might not write back now and with a bit of luck, they will not too.
  5. Hi PriorityOne, UndercoverElsa, Sillygirl1 and everyone No complaints lodge yet with Alan Stewart. Since writing the bemused letter and statute barred letter some 2 weeks ago, MH have not replied to my letter to date. The suggestions was to sit tight and wait until MH writes back. If MH writes back and depending on their reply is, then will decide what to do with the help/advice here. In the meantime, would now be a good time to write to Alan Stewart, even though I have not heard back from MH? or just continue waiting. Have a nice day and thanks very much for helping.
  6. NailPost, PriorityOne, dx100uk, UndercoverElsa and all:) Nothing from this this weekend so good news thus far. NailPost suggested that I should wait for a few days or so and then write to MH re:asking them for their reply to my letters and requesting for their complaints procedure. Is this the right and appropriate way forward? Your thoughts and advice is much needed - many thanks
  7. PriorityOne Undercover-Elsa,dx100uk and Everyone, Many thanks. I will sit tight and wait. Nothing today from MH. It is snowing and I am going out for a walk in the park to get some fresh air. Many many thanks once again.
  8. Hi PriorityOne, dx100uk, Undercover-Elsa and everyone, This weekend have passed and I have not receive any letters from MH - hooray This is very good news. I hope the bemused letter and also the Statute Barred letter did the job. But I must not be too happy but will await and see when MH replies. As I have written the two letters and if they do not reply, what should I do next? Just sit tight and wait? Have a great week ahead everyone and thanks very much.
  9. Undercover-Elsa, You are right funny and I like that . Nothing today as well.
  10. Undercover-Elsa, Point noted and will wait a few more days or until they reply to my letters. Many thanks.
  11. Unclebulgari67, Thanks and will draft letter to send out and post here for comments and advice.
  12. PriorityOne, Undercover-Elsa, dx100uk and everyone, Many thanks for all your help and support. I am trying to locate the full address for Trading Standards. So far this is the address I have found. 1. Can someone confirm that this is the full address to send my complaint to. 2. Is there a template letter for TS? 3. What else do I enclose in the letter to TS?. Do I enclose the 2 recorded delivery letters which I sent to MH last week? To: Alan Steward East Ayshire Council Trading Standards 14, London Road, Kilmarnock KA3 7BU Many thanks once again.
  13. sillygirl1, Thanks and if this is a good way to stop them continuing harassing me then I will. Hope others feel this is a good way forward too in writing to Alan Steward, East Ayshire Trading Standards.
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