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  1. A ticket attendant ticketed a car which was parked on corner of the road making it difficult for other cars trying to turn into road. But then decided to continue to give my wife’s car a ticket along with mine. When I confronted him wanting to know why we received tickets his first response was “some one telephoned to report car parked on corner”. I said fine but my car wasn’t near the corner so why was I getting a ticket? He says because my wheels were on pavement, which they were by a foot or so. I pointed out to him 80% of all my neighbours cars were on pavement but no one else had tickets, he said they would get one but of course they didn’t as he would have been lynched! I live on a one Way Street with NO yellow lines or signs about parking the street also are narrow and I’ve had rubbish trucks clip the side of my car before. I’ve lived here for 30 years and have never got a ticket for parking on pavement or any other reason. In the past year half a dozen cars have been given tickets for parking on corner but never has attendant given someone a ticket for parking on pavement. According to council rules cars should not park on pavement but as far as I can tell tickets are given to keep traffic flowing. My car wasn’t dangerous parked either and their was plenty of space on pavement to get a bus through! I want to appeal this ticket but don’t want the reason on letter being “it’s not fair”, please can I get suggestions on what to say and if I have any chance of winning? Thanks in advance!
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