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  1. Many thanks MJT.. Should I go into a bank tomorrow and apply for a loan with my own terms and conditions? That would be awesome. It amounts to the same thing.. Why should we approach them with a repayment plan.. or even think we should have? They were ringing us every 5 minutes to arrange one when the loans were not in dispute
  2. Been reading further about this.. from what I can see an order for sale can only be made where there has been a default in repayments. How would that work where there is no repayment plan in place.. and I believe the onus was on them to contact us regarding this earlier rather than let it sit for 2 years. We haven't actually defaulted on anything at the moment... Any thoughts?
  3. Hi MJT.. I understand that it has to be repayed, just thought it was all settled upon sale of the house. Very little information came when the order was made other than the order was granted. No contact ever from Northern Rock kinda reinforced the opinion that settlement would come if we ever sold the house. This debt is for £7k btw
  4. Ok.. thanks for the advice folks. Any idea where to go from here? Can they start throwing their weight around when there was no requirement or arrangment attached to the charging order?
  5. Just read this on another site... Does this ring true? "This maybe a blessing in disguise. First of all I would get in touch with nram and confirm with them that they have sold on your debt. If they confirm they have, and that Marlin Europe are the new owners, then I would check with Trustonline.com to see if the charging order has been settled. It only cost you £4 to check with them, and they list all judgements against your name for all U.K residents. This way you will know that the debt is cleared. You see it works like this............If nram have sold your debt, they have been p
  6. Hi, Cant believe this is coming back to haunt yet again. Bit of history ... My Wife and I had 2 seperate loans with Northern Rock, entered a battle about PPI (before it came to light just how much the banks were ripping us off), went to court a few times, long story short, they obtained charging orders. Below are the links to the previous threads. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?198906-Court-Case-2-Northern-Rock http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?201020-Court-Case-3-Northern-Rock-(-Eversheds-) No conditions were ever ap
  7. Many Thanks for the advice Andy, and many thanks to Slick too. I will amend the defence accordingly and get it sent. Will let you know the outcome
  8. That was the original POC back in 2009 This is the recent communications dated the 6th Feb [ATTACH=CONFIG]49369[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]49370[/ATTACH]
  9. Hi Andy The original POC was literally this: "The claimants claim is in respect of monies due pursuant to an account maintained with the claimant.....and the claimant claims 1. £5427.57" I am just attaching some photos just taken of the doc recently received (n244)
  10. from what i can see, the only relevant mention of stays is in part 26 of the CPR Stay to allow for settlement of the case 26.4 (1) A party may, when filing the completed directions questionnaire, make a written request for the proceedings to be stayed(GL) while the parties try to settle the case by alternative dispute resolution(GL) or other means. (2) If all parties request a stay the proceedings will be stayed for one month and the court will notify the parties accordingly. (2A) If the court otherwise considers that such a stay would be appropriate, the court will direct that
  11. Thanks for your help slick I take it the CPR dows not specify a maximum stay period? Pity bout the statute barred bit, may just leave it in anyway and argue it in court ...albeit perhaps unsuccesfully
  12. Thanks Slick, I will wait as late as possible before i send by email to both court and RBS.
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