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  1. i have phone the cab office today i am seeing someone end of april, thats to long to wait. I need to someone assp!
  2. hello all, i have just lost a reason case with Bournemouth social services and by kids are now gone to foster care. i would now like to get a Independent person to look at paperwork as there are errors, lies ect throughout the paper. where can i fine a Independent person? i am on benefits at the monente however i can pay up to £150 for someone to look at the case papers so far. seen cafcass, no good is there and help for me out there thanks all
  3. hi, thanks for the quick reply. i woulld like a note to stop anyone from knocking on my door, in the new year where we live, someone is aways trying to sell something
  4. hello all, can someone plese post a link to the legal note not to knock on my door please with thanks
  5. hello all, i have been lookin' at the child tax credit web site, and i cant work out how much i can get with 3 kids:?: the web address is below, http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/rates/taxcredits.htm can someone let me know i have work out the child benefit (£47) that was easy. would like to plan ahead with thanks all:smile:
  6. update, now got letter from the Halifax, say that fees will still come out of my account. £45 was refunded in to my account only to be taken for the 2nd set of £45 pounds for 3 more unpaid DD's or SO's. my benefit is now paid in to a different bank and as far as i can see, Halifax ignored has notice of appropriation letter
  7. thanks johnnymitch, i only reason i ask its cus i bank with hsbc, and i am thinking it inprove my c.score its best to apply for one of there cards. i have tryed cap1, and Vanquis, in the last 4-6 months and both have said no. i have done a Credit "smart search" via money supermarket and its came back as poor and i do have a gold card paying the £4.95 fee monthly and marking my c.file
  8. hi all, over the past few weeks i keep getting e-mail to do with a Orchard Bank MasterCard that is done by hsbc. does anyone anything about it?
  9. a letter came has came from blackfriars debt collection about a water debt. (picuter attach) it come from a peeavist address but i was paying a littel each week untill 2 weeks ago. i am going to send a prove it letter (link please) anything else i need to do?
  10. as of yet nothing has been heard back, time to send a 2nd letter as charges are still being taken. i have changed by benerfits to a diff bank tho
  11. hello i have been looking at the co-op and there charge £20 for unpaid item. £5 more then the haliafx!
  12. ok, it looks like that the halifax has ignored my notice of approriation letter has £60 not £90 has gone in to charges
  13. halifax have taken anther £45 pound out cus of charges. even tho there have got my notice of approriation letter. my account is now -£90 and that is all most 1 weeks on my income suppite.
  14. ha;ifax now have the notice of approriation letter, i am going to print out full page from the royal mail saying letter signed for. i take it now i wait till there next move? my accout is allready -$45
  15. a letter of notice of approriation , has been sent on friday, 24th sept 1st class recorded. so far £45 has been taken in chargers. i will post a update when i hear somethink back. untill then, what the best thing for me to do?
  16. change £90 to £105. so thats £105 of charges for not letting s/o go. thery have always let the highets go ok and the rest no. the ones that have halifax have said no to come to under £40 alltogether
  17. hello all, i am about to be hit with £90 pounds of Unpaid item Fees £15x6 thease are all standing orders at £5 under. how can halifax justerfry charging £15 for a Unpaid item Fees for a standing order that is £2.50. easycast accounts can not have a overdraft on them but, if the bank is about to take £90 in chrages are halifax breaking there own T's&C's my making my account go in a overdraft. i am on benfits and i sent them a notice of approriation as, there is no way i can pay that much in chages.
  18. hi, as of yet i have not told b'house, i olny have the phone and the charger, but as i have the insurance i sholud be ok.
  19. hi, as of yet, i have not told bhouse i want to return it. i think as long as the item is in clean working order i think is ok but, as i have said i do have there insurance on the item so all should be ok. i know others will avice me as well.
  20. about 6 monthes ago a got a mobile from brighthoue inc there cover/s i now want to return the mobile has i have now got passed for a iphone. i am abut to walk in stort and do this? however i do not have the box, phone maunel but do have the plug. by taking the mobile i will save £10 a week
  21. my parter has just go her stuido statement from the post and there is a default sum of £20. i thougth is max charge is £12 for any credit argreement. i have seen the stuido T&C's and on there is £20.
  22. for this thread, i am not going in to any reasons why, but i want to zend my social services a subject access request. how do i do this as in need to be for the wole address not just for 1 person? i have got to see them wednesday 15th so, any help would be great, thanks
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