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  1. Hello Guys and Gals, I have just received my statements from Abbey. Where kind i find the letter requesting for my money back on here? Thanks PJ
  2. I have been wondering what people are doing about this 11 month statement issue that seems to be popping up in this forum. Abbey seem to be sending the money back when sending the 11 months of statements back. I have not investigated it yet but I'm assuming 11 months is not chargeable, they are sending the money back so the DPA form is not what has caused them to issue the satements. therefor giving them another 40 days to comply once you send it back to them, if you send it back to them, hope you lot get my drift. By the way thanks for this forum. I will look into this issue in more detail. I think the people who received their check back with only 11 months need to resend the DPA letter and the money. no one gives money back fro nothing especially a bank. PoeticJ
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