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  1. It was a Petrol Station at 1 point but has been closed for about 6 months, all the pumps are closed and have OUT OF ORDER sign's on them. It is still owned by a family that ran the place and by all accounts charge for parking which is not advertised at the site, there are 2 sign's as I said before about 12-15 feet up on a Car wash sign which at 9pm at night was very hard to see and not clearly on display in the dark being a black sign mounted on a black background!!! and after asking around no one seems to get clamed during the day but at night (when my Wife was clamped) all the action starts.
  2. Cash, he did give me a receipt with all his details on. He is also genuine as I checked him out on the SIA site and he has a licence to operate, still sticks in my throat though as £245 for 5 mins parking works out at about £50 a minute and that would solve any countrysl debt problem overnight if we had to pay that for a parking meter in any town!!!!! I also read about a test case that went to court and it seems that £155 for the clamp to be removed is only about £15 over the accepted charge that a crackpot Judge deemed ok to be charged so what chance do I have to get my money back???
  3. Have to make a small change, the company are A1 PARKING SOLUTIONS not SERVICES. Yes he gave me a photo copy receipt with his SIA number hand written on it and yes he checks out with the SIA.
  4. Hi, need some advice as what to do next. Last night at 8.45p my wife was clamped by A1 Parking services, she had to be fair parked on a disused Garage forecourt so maybe she should have looked for signs but had only been there for 5 mins whilst picking up my son from Scouts. She had to call me and had to pay £155 for the clamp to be removed and another £85 pounds for the ticket......as you can imagine I was not best pleased at paying £240 for 5 mins of parking. I will admit that I lost my temper and entered into what can only be described as "loud interaction"!!!! whith a man who wanted me to be gratefull that "he was not a Gypsy" (the last enforcers) and if I had been more polite then he would have waved the ticket and only charged £155 for the clamp removal, anyway the Police turned up and I wastold this was the 4th time this week at night that people had been clamped and they hav been called. They also pointed out that the SIGN which states that it was private parking was 12 foot in the air over the Garage sign and was not lit so maybe i could get my money back....so my question is what can do next because the only info this man gave mewas to write to A1 and see if they would refund which I think would be a complete waste of time and effort. Any advice would be great thanks. Lee.:mad2:
  5. Hi, I am in need of advice. I am stuck in a vicious circle of calls to Barclays Insurance and I cant seem to get their so called customer services to listen........deep breath.........here we go...... last November my Car was written off in a RTA which was not my fault, the other party "held up there hands" and admitted liability and within 3 weeks there Insurers Aviva had given me a Courtisy Car and had paid me out for the written off Car. Now to Barclays my Insurer........Even though I did not make a claim on my policy and even though Barclays knew that I was involved in an accident ( I rang them to keep them informed) they have taken Novembers and Decembers premium and have charged me a cancellation fee of a further £63 pounds for the remaining 2 months that were left on the policy. I have had several converstaions with their so called Cus Serv and they will not accept that the Car no longer belonmgs to me or in fact that I was in an accident at all and refuse to give me any refund what so ever and even if they did accept my word they would still take these payments because it has gone past the 14 Day cancellation period!!!!!! are thes Jokers serious or am I expection to much? after all 1 Morning I got in my Car drove out of my Road, was hit head on by a driver who pulled out from my left and admitted liability non of which was of my doing but it has still cost me over £100 in insurance payments not to mention the fact that because Barclays requested the payment early and my salery has not gone into my account yet I am now being slapped with a £25 charge. WHAT CAN BE DONE TO MAKE THESE JOKERS LISTEN TO REASON!!!!!!!!!!!:mad2::madgrin: HELP Thanks Lee.
  6. Hi, yes the £2 was the suggested payment for the "work" on their part (JOKE) and yes it was set out in the CCA letter what the payment was to be used for. Lee.
  7. Morning all, I have posted about this before last year and again in Feb this year. Last June I had aletter out of the blue from Scotcall demanding full payment of £920.73 for a debt, I sent them a CCA temlpet letter from the forum and after 21 days of nothing sent them a Account in dispute letter along with £2 for their "time" and no reply to either, anyway this morning 10 months later I have a "FINAL DEMAND" letter telling me that if I dont pay the full amount they will pass the Debt back to their Client and reccommend further action is taken. My question is, where do I stand now??? what more if anything can I do to get these Fools of my back? Thanks Lee.
  8. The debt is about about 4 years old, it was a J.D.WILLIAMS account which I was in dispute over returned goods they say they cant find. The account was then passed on to Scot Call and last June was the first contact from them. I sent the CCA templete letter from this site with a cheque and NO REPLY until last Saturday. I never made any payments due to the fact they never sent me the original debt or account agreement. Hope this helps.
  9. In June last year I wrote to Scott Call in responce to a debt letter asking for full settle of a £920 debt, I sent then the Account in dispute letter and a £2 cheque asking for the original credit agreement, I gave them the 17 days advised by the law and up until Saturday morning had had no reply. Now I have been told that I "was making payments but stopped" complete rubbish and if "payments are not restarted then they will take further action" they have also been very generious and offered to accept any reasonable offer of final settlement!!!!!! is it worth me responding to these fools or should I treat it as uninforcable? Any help would be great, thanks Dawn.
  10. The debt was with HFC BANK, it was a credit agreement for some Furniture and is for £1016. As I have been out of work for 3 years I have amassed alot of Debt's and have fully told 1st Credit this but this seems to be falling on Deaf ears.
  11. Hi all, I have asked about this "company" before but am now at my wits end and feel like they are just doing this to make me crack. 3 months ago I was contacted about a Debt that I did not dispute, after 3 letters explaining my financial and personal situation they agreed a payment plan. Since then they have wrote to me weekly asking for "Medical evidence" so they can "treat me with sensativity" I have wrote back telling them my medical history and the treatment I recieve and given them a copy of my Incapacity Benefit claim but this does not seem to be enough. Yesterday they wrote to me for the 10 time in 2 months telling me my Account is up for review and I must fill out another Financial Statement and supply letters from Doctors, Consultants etc. I am now at the point where I feel I am being Bullied by this company to give personal information that has no bearing if they have agreed to my payment plan..........I would like to know, 1/ Do I have any Legal obligation to give them Medical information. 2/ If an agreement was made 3 months ago should it be put under review already. 3/ who can I contact to put some kind of complaint about them. I am having to deal with alot of personal stuff at the moment and this is begining to wear me down. Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. More advice please, In my first post I asked if I was under any obligation to send Medical Proof to 1st Credit from my G.P or other Health Professional, ok so I sent them back the Financial Statement request and letter stating that I was not prepared to go to my G.P asking for a letter to send to a Debt collection company. Well today I have another letter thanking me for my first Payment as agreed but they still need a letter from my G.P in fact any letter will do as long as "It is not to dated" their words not mine so they can "mark and treat my file with sympathy". I dont want any Sympathy just to re-pay this Debt, how can I shut these people up and get them off my back? as already said surely this is personal information and 1st Credit dont have any claim or right to request it?. Any Ideas? Thanks. LEE
  13. Thank's Boo, I totally agree with you but understand that after this Debt being passed from one company to another for 15 months and me writting over 12 letters I want it put to bed and any threat taken from over my head. I do find it insulting and am not happy but also want to make it as easy as poss to deal with these P**T'S. LEE.
  14. I am getting IB, that is related to my illness and could send them proof of that. I am not happy about them having my National Insurance number though that is printed on the DWP letter can I block that out?. Thanks for good advice LEE.
  15. Hi, After a Debt being passed around for over a year at last, 1St Credit have agreed to my payment plan. All's well that end's well you may think but in my letter to them I explained that due to poor health reasons I have been unable to work for the last 3 years. In their very "sensitive" letter their words not mine they will only agree to this if I supply a G.P letter or covering letter from one of my Consultant's confirming my medical history. Now I have nothing to hide but why should I have to have the extra embarrassment of asking my G.P or Consultant for a letter for a Debt collection company. Does this firm have any legal rights to ask for this letter? and if they have and I refuse is it a good enough reason to refuse my offer?. Hope someone can give me some advice, thanks. LEE.
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