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  1. well i have two debts which i have been avoiding but i really need to get them sorted before it goes too far. i would like to offer them weekly payments. it will only be small amounts as on benifits. i just dont want to ring them as they can be quite hard to deal with so i want to write letters to them. would really appreciate if anyone knows a letter template i could send to offer these small weekly payments? thankyou in advance
  2. bit of an update, well sent them letters off 2 weeks ago, sent them special delivery and kept the reciepts. Anyway i now recieved letter saying following my request they have asked capital one to provide copy of the agreement or documents to prove the debt is mine. so now my question is do i reply or just sit and wait? thanks again.
  3. thanks for them letter going to get them sent off this week
  4. had a phone call a few weeks ago out of the blue saying i owed capital one over £1000. i wouldnt confirm my name etc with them as they didnt have my first name only initial. anyway got rather angry on the phone as they said debt was from 4years ago and from an old address. they started going on about a different address which ive never lived at aswel. Well i did have a card with capital one which was paid off 2 years ago ( dont have anything to prove though). i told the lad on the phone im not paying anything till i get a copy off my credit agreement he said i cant have it. so i just put ph
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