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  1. Hope this is readable, Does anyone think this would be enforcable? Universal credits loans were bought by Paragon around 1998
  2. What if the original creditor no longer exists?, or in this case were taken over by another company?
  3. I have received a copy of the CCA i signed for a loan, and it has no signature in the creditors box. Does this mean it was not properly executed and therefore un-enforcable?.
  4. I have managed to amass debts of 55k on credit cards, a loan and overdraft., I am now at the stage I cant afford the minimum payments. There is no ppi or charges to reclaim, and they are all enforcable. I have done the CCCS online assesment and that recommends a DMP, i have £300 disposable income after priority bills etc. I asked my bank about releasing equity on my property, but i failed at the credit scoring stage, i guess my credit record is already damaged? Is a DMP the best option for me?, or should i go for an IVA? I have just opened a new bank account, as some of the debt
  5. I have a long running dispute with the creditor, which is another reason i feel i need someone to advise me whether i have a case and if its worth pursuing.
  6. Hoping someone can recommend a No Win No Fee company that can look at a Credit Agreement and if necessary deal with the creditor. I know I could do it, but I really get confused with prescribed terms etc, and i know the creditor will use all sorts of underhand tricks to trip me up.I would therefore rather someone else looked into it for me, even if there is a fee payable after getting the loan wiped out. Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved.
  7. A Letter from the county court will be obvious from the Envelope. If in doubt about the authenticity of a letter, or dont know what to do, give the county court a ring or pop in, their staff are there to help.
  8. BUMP Does anyone read these anymore?
  9. Problem is they will be in no mood to accept requests to freeze interest or a reasonable full & final settlement offer .
  10. I think we will all be celebrating the demise of London Scottish, especially if it takes Robingson way with them!
  11. Me too, was paying reduced payments via a collection agency, they failed to collect and Paragon contacted me directly and persuaded me to pay them direct, that was 18 months ago, next thing i know interest has been accruing on a 10k loan all the time. 11 years since the loan start i owe more than i borrowed! I sent off a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) and that confirms interest is being added. The agreement form has not been signed by the original lender, which is one thing i will be using when i contact them. I cannot see me ever being able to pay this debt off, with the interest being
  12. Hi, I have recieved a letter from a Creditor which i am making reduced payments too & it starts like this:- This is a Notice of Sums in Arrears provided to you in compliance with the Consumer Credit Act 1974 because you are behind with your contractual payments. We would ask you to call the telephone number above as soon as possible, should you wish to discuss your account........... also included is an office of fair trading leaflet about arrears. I am highly suspicious, I have been making reduced payments for the last 9 years, This has come since i asked for a SAR
  13. Paragoncca1.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Paragoncca2.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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