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  1. Hi Laura I've been looking in to this myself as I'm looking to take my ex-landlord to court over various issues but am worried about enforcing the judgement if I win. I understand you can apply to the court for an Order to obtain information to get bank account details. Apparently one problem with a third party debt order is that if the landlord is overdrawn when you get the order the bank doesn't actually owe them any money so you can't claim. I'm not an expert in this so don't take it as gospel. I read somehwere that if the landlord has a new tenant in the property it m
  2. I'm not sure why you can't do as Snookerz suggested and change the lock barrel. It only costs a couple of quid for a new one and it'd keep them out unless they give you notice.
  3. Hi TonyNZ I'd recommend you do as much as possible in writing from now on. I moved out of a flat on Christmas Eve where I had a similar situation e.g. landlord telling the letting agent to give prospective buyers (that she'd found herself) the keys so they could 'let themseelves in and have a look around' without the letting/estate agent charging comission! I'm currently writing a letter before action as she's being very difficult and claiming £150 of the deposit but refusing to tell the tenancy deposit scheme how much is in dispute as she is upset she may be reposessed due to me 'be
  4. Hi Laura It seems harder to deal with alleged mobile phone debts than other things as they're not covered by the consumer credit act so it's harder to get proof of anything. I've had success and hopefully helped a friend out by sending subject access requests to Three. In our cases they sent the call logs through which had a record of us cancelling the contracts / giving notice in both our cases. They'd previously appeared to deny having any record that either of us had cancelled. Quite a coincidence and I wouldn't be suprised if this was common practice in the industry.
  5. I believe they *should* put their full company name and registered office on any official correspondance. It's often in very small text at the bottom of the page. Hopefully someone on here who is more knowledgable can confirm this.
  6. It's well worth sending 3g a subject access request asking for everything they have. Lowells and 3G wanted £200ish for a phone I'd returned as unfit for purpose 10 days after starting a contract in 2003. 3G's call log had a summary of each call I'd made to them back then and in one of them their cs monkey admitted I'd returned the phone within the 14 day money back guarantee period. All nicely printed out from their database as part of their response to my SAR! It still took a while to sort out but after an LBA to their chief executive they finally admitted it in writing.
  7. If the main place of business for a finance company is a terrace house I guess they should be paying paying business rates there. Is there any way we can suggest to the local council they might want to check this out and ask a few tricky questions?
  8. I've just got rid of Three / Lowells after 10 months, they claimed they knew nothing about me cancelling within the 14 days money back guarantee. They also claimed my flatmate hadn't given notice on her contract. It's probably worth sending a Subect Access Request. We did and from the information we got back it appears they don't keep any letters you send but in both our cases the telephone log confirmed the dates we had cancelled. Three's executive office agreed that this was sufficient proof in my case and hopefully will for my flatmate as well. If not it should be sufficient
  9. I'd just like to thank everyone on this forum for all the advice on here. Thanks to you guys I've finally managed to get 3 mobile to accept I don't owe them money and they have agreed to call off Lowells. I didn't post much on here as one of their first replies to me contained information that I had only posted on here but the information in other people's threads was invaluable. They'll be a donation on pay day
  10. Hi there I'm afraid this is a bit of a long story as I thought it best to give all the details. I've been helping a friend to try to get her deposit and one week's rent back from her landlord. She rented a flat on an AST since May 2004 so sadly the deposit is not in the TDS. I've uploaded a copy of the tenancy agreement here Pictures by lynchthelandlord - Photobucket The landlady will only deal with my friend through her son who has been very difficult to contact and eventually told her on the phone on 21st April: “I am loath to return your deposit as the decorator says the
  11. He 'sued' 76,000 debtors in a year? A 40 hour week works about about 2000 hours a year which is less than 2 minutes per debtor. I wonder how many monkeys he has under him!
  12. Thanks guys, I'll definitely take a reading next time I hear of a price increase.
  13. I have been with NPower since last August and have been making a regular payment by direct debit. I was checking the bill today and there was a price rise during the period I'm being charged for. They estimated a very low reading on the day of the price change which means they assumed I used almost 3 times as much gas per day after the price rise as before. This will cost me about £35 more than if they assumed I used the same amount of gas per day over the whole period of the bill. They started supplying me on 16/07/08, the price increased on 28/08/08 and they estimated a reading a
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