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  1. If I get junk mail from any source, I put it in an envelope, and post it back to the senders registered address without a stamp. I often type the envelope so that it looks more "official". There is a sort of satisfaction knowing that the sender may end up paying the postal charges for the return of their own junk mail if they accept delivery from the Post Office that is.
  2. Thanks again rebel - complaint to the ASA already completed and sent. I shall be trying Amex for a partial refund next
  3. Thanks Rebel, I hadn't thought of the ASA, although I had considered the County Court and trading standards
  4. I booked about 2 weeks ago on their UK online site. I logged in from directly from the email they sent to me. They maintain that this was the correct way to log in and make the booking, as they claim the link has an offer code included. I have looked at the link and cannot see anything which resembles an offer code. It was a business class return, london to Dubai, and I have lost out to the tune of around £200!
  5. Beware if you book with Emirates on their latest discount offers from the email sent to skywards members - I didn't get the discount even though I followed exactly what I was expected to do. Emirates now refuse to rectify. How many more has this happened to? Emirates really do need to rename their UK Customer Services Departments (there is more than one) - The "Emirates brick wall", because there is no point in talking to them! Beware!
  6. Emirates Airlines, Customer Services - like talking to a brick wall!
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