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  1. please can you advice me. I really feel that my work are being discrimative and are now trying to use constructive dismissal towards me, to get me to leave my job. I have a serious eye condition called graves my employer new about this when I applied for my job. I have had four eye operations to correct the damage, I have no vision from the outer aspect of view in short every thing goes double and I have bad problems focucsing as you can imagine. about 12 months ago my manager told me if my eyes were that bad I should get glasses, ( my eyes are changing due to the diecase and operations) but I went and got glasses to see if this would help. (no it doesn't) yet I have to wear them to stop her from sacking me. I have had her telling me of infront of this member of staff over my eyes saying I need to improve sort myself out, and the member of staff would laugh. on another occastion I had a bad case of tonsile with a cough I bought a bottle of water and asked if I could sip this while working. I was told I had to put it in a cup, ( other members of staff drink from their bottles of drink all the time they do not have to use a cup. my manager has discussed my illness with other members of staff telling them whats wrong with me in my absence. the same member of staff then question me about it, asking questions twisting what I say and making my feel really uncomfortable, making remarks in front of customers. a few weeks ago I over heard a conversaation saying I was like a goldfish with my eyes and that it was a insult to goldfish. I have been fighting this illness for 5 years and now feel like giving up with what they have said its made me feel depressed, I dread going to work. . because of the seroids im taking this has damaged my bones I told my manager I had to have a hip replacement, not something I want, but I have no choice, she told me that I wont get sick as the company wont pay it. that includes SSP. even thou my contract say we are intitled to ssp this has caused a bigger worry for me as I would be up to 3 months with no money. I can go to work and the whole time im there no one will speak to me, they have now started to make up customer complaints towards me trying to either make me leave or sack me. they are having a bad effect on my health with added stress and worry. I have been told by members of staff i'm a idiot, i'm useless, other members of staff can walk out the shop to check on their children when they want to. other members of staff can even hold up a condom and ask customers if it is theirs. one customer wanted to by such a item and a member of staff told him they didn't do them in his size, yet nothing was said the manager just laughted at it. that is something I would never dare say to anyone. the manager has her favourites and she lets everyone no who they are, im not the only staff their who has the same sort of problems I do feel like im being discriminated against i am sorry this may not make sence but im trying to put it to you for advice. and I apologise for any spelling mistake also.
  2. please help. my lodger has been to court and we are expecting the county court bailiffs.. the debt collection company was arrow global, who told lies to the court saying that my lodger owned my house my husband who was in court told the judge that was wrong, the judge said that's irrelevant. how do I stand with this do they have the right to come into my house and remove my belongings, this is to do with my lodger not me or my husband. please help I don't know what to do.
  3. just a update to the above. i have today been incontact with the c.a.b with the view of suing for the death of my dad. but first i need to speak to someone to get some sound advice. if anyone from here icould help me with any advice i would be really grateful. and thanks for all the post so far.
  4. thanks everyone. i wil make a start and get this done. today..
  5. I can start a claim for my son against his bank barcleys. as they have slap him with charges for over 2 years. he is on benifits as he has epilepsy and behavioual problems. he cant read. and can only just sign his name. so can i help him. barcleys has not only hit him with overdraft charges but had also hit him with this so called additions account twice. charging him £10 for doing it. i did telephone his bank saying that ther was no way he asked for the additions account, and that he did not want the additions account. to cut this story short. they counciled the account but never payed him back the £10 charges for this. which took him overdrawn, even thou this was their fault. and they have threaten him with debt collectors. due to his poor health he can not cope with it. He had been paying back the over draft on his account for several months, but ever time he put money to pay back.. more charges would come out. it was a never ending circle. at the time he owed about £60 now he owes about £200. but the overdraft charges is far more than this. so can i put in a claim for him and on his behalf to help him get his money back in the charges they have taking. as he can not do this for himself. thank for your help !
  6. hello everyone ! can we still claim unfair bank charges at moment even thou the OFT are do their bit in court, which has gone very quiet and taking its time even thou we are still paying the banks charges. I did telephone my bank asking for the charges back but all i get told is that. " we have been told not to pay out on bank charges at the moment due to the test case with the OFT. i am at a loss as to wether we can still claim or not. or has everything been put on hold and we are all waiting for the OFT results to come back ? they have only taken £500 in charges at the moment. but this my money not theirs !
  7. hello everyone. I was just wondering can you still make a claim for unfair bank charges at the moment. and has anyone won there case since the OFT started their claim against the banks, i know that the OFT is taking alot of banks to court over this, but why has the OFT gone what i would call underground lately. not a thing mentioned about it as yet... yet there is alot of people still paying bank charges including myself. money which i need at the moment due to the goverments inflation. i have been charged £50 for going over drawn for 3 hours. £50 is alot of money to me. I have telephone my bank asking for it back. but all i keep getting told is " due to the test case. we have been told not to pay out at the moment" Well this is all very good but that doesnt help me. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.
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