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  1. Hi I am a fraud investigator for police and your local police should have issued you with a incident log number. a subscriber check on the phone by police would reveal the location of the store the phones were purchased and thus giving an offence location in order to issue a crime.... this comes under the new fraud legislation as Fraud By False Representation!!!!! You do need need to provide proof that you are being chased - but the letter you 1st received should suffice!
  2. last friday i received a reply from yes loans and they have sent me a cheque for 54.50 and made some rubbish up about always being 100% geniune etc... thanks again to the original poster for your letter! still not received a response though from no worries!!!
  3. great post thank you, i have used most of your letter to attempt to get my £59.50 they charged me
  4. I too have applied for loans with both Yes and No Worries, both stated that i had been accepted for the loan and the loan amount i required. a few days later i received text messages from both stating i had been accepted and my loan was ready and to call a number provided. when i rang them they went through a long process to get my income and outcome details and at the end stated that i did not have enough outgoings to qualify for either loan. i was told i could have a refund but after 60 days. suprisingly the £59.50 yes loans took on the 10/06/08 and the £59.99 that no worries took on the 19/05/08 have not yet been refunded to my account.
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