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  1. Thanks, that was my gut feeling to be honest. Does anybody else have a similar problem, have we got any threads on it that I have missed? I will try my best to keep people posted of ay updates/letters i may receive
  2. Well its good to hear people are doing things about it - is there anything I can do without too much stirring of the hornets nest, i dont want to be activating "dormant" defaults, im just waiting for this time next year when in theory I will be clear, and i can finally get a house!
  3. Hi All, I have spend an coupel of hours searching for help to no joy. Sorry if it has been covered before - if so please be kind enough to link me to it! high level scenario..... I have a 13k oustanding default through GE for an old car, this is shown on credit file as default in Oct 2004. I have been patiently waiting for this to "drop off" next october, however recent credit checks have shown that Capquest, who purchased the debt, have also added this default in their name, and have been updating my credit file with a "D" since 2007 until now. So this shows me as having two 13k defaults, when in theory (reality) I only have one for this debt. It has also happened with a credit card default, that too has been added as a second default for the same amount but in the DCAs name . so my few questions are:- Can I get either of these defaults removed? In Novemeber 2010, the original default will be gone (or so i believe) but will the capquest one stay around as that was entered by them in July 2007 Is it right what Capquest have done? (ps. I won a court case against them for another default that they issued a SD on - thanks to CAG) Also i have 3 DCA's that have in the last 3 motnhs credit searched me - are they able to do this, natuarally i have not given them consent to! Thanks for any help / thoughts you would like to share
  4. hmmm, I think so - but what about stirring the hornets nest?
  5. Ok hi guys, following a recent success in court over a DCA I am keen to start moving on to my other items, firstly some background - I live at home with parents and I have over 60k worth of unsecured debt. I was ogig to go bankrupt but after speaking to a colleauge at work who was a manager of a debt management company he suggested I might be able to just ignore the creditors - and if i could for long enoguh then it would fall off my credti file and would be statute barred. So I chose to ignore them! Since then I have managed to obtain car finance and a couple of £200 credit cards so all is going well. However I need some help regaridn my natwest debts, I have a credit card (3.5k) personal loan (22k) and overdraft (was 1k) The CAB wrote to natwest about 4 years ago when i realised I had a problem to do the old freeze interest routine, now Natwest have passed on my CC debt to a debt collector who have chased me the last 4 years, however I have not been at all chased my Natwest over my loan or overdraft ( i have no idea why) i have seen my credit file and my overdraft is now 3.5k - part of m wants to contact Natwest to come to an arrangement to stop the charges and interest on here - and agree to pay off the orinigal 1k owed - but then they will come and try and get the 22k loan - which I dont want to be chased for! Interestingly my loan was for 20k - and I was told i HAD TO have the PPIto get that much - so I guess there could e a claim here but where do I stand? Could I be really cheeky and try and do a PPI cliam on my loan - then get my bank charges back from natwest on my overdraft?
  6. oh ok, got that info off here! damn the old threads, ok so I have had the SD set aside and the CCA has bee semt too late - i presume its now a letter from me saying, you have failed to meet such and such requiremnt of my CA within 12+2 days, as such due to XYZ legislation the debt is now no longer due reponse? is there such a letter in template format?
  7. ok guys so i finally got my cca - sent to me on 9th october in response my my request on 18th August - wht happens now - this is over the 12+2 plus 30 calendar days yeh?
  8. is it? Is it all over or is this the beggining? thats the bit ive really struggled to grasp, what will they do now? CCJ? I heard one of those rumours that you cant get a CCJ for credit card??? But thanks 42, and also Saintly - great you guys are online late when we are in a panic!
  9. Hey guys again thanks for extra info shame i missed this before I left anyway...... I went for hearing, first Judge opened by reading out purpose of hearing then saying "i see the other side havent bothered to turn up" and raised an eyebrow The judge then aksed me why it should be set aside then went thru my affadavit before I had chance to speak, she asked me about the fact that the amount outstanding was higher than it should be - i said there were extra charges added on top which i have never received a breakdown for etc. I then prompted the judge about the letter I received from Capquest (copy they say to Court) saying they agree with the application to set aside, judge said they did not have letter there so she took my copy and read it, she then looked at me and shrugged and said ok ill grant the set aside. I then pushed for costs but this kind of got her back up, she said (eventually) I could put a claim in for litigant in person (£9.25per hour) but I should have sent the outline of my costs to capquest and the court before I went today. So anyways SD is set aside, and by my calendar its just 5 days until the CCA request time limit is up ( I sent it on 18th August - can someone check ive doen my sums right???) So thanks to everyone in this thread that has helped you guys are great, now I guess i wait for next step of action but in the mean time I have a few more creditors and a lot more queries!!!!!
  10. guys great advice abouve, just doing final prep - i know they wont be ther, the letter said so but its still nerve wracking!
  11. thanks! hope it goes ok tomorrow whatever happens - i need to get my prep done!
  12. ok guys need help urgently got the set aside hearing tomorrow (30th) any body on here late? couple of things to mull over:_ I sent off my CCA request on 18th August - I had a letter back last week saying the have requested in from Egg - this is now 42 days since I requested it and still not received - whats the deal here? Also they have replied to my set aside request through the court they have wrote a letter to the court and copied me in saying the following - this is copied verbatim inclusive of grammatical errors! "We acknoweldge receipt of the application to set aside the statutory demand. Capquest Investments Ltd are the creditor by virtue of the debt being assigned to them by Egg banking PLC. IN order to deal fully with the application to set aside wewill need information from the original creditor which we may not be able to obtain in time to prepare and serve evidence in opposition to the application. We are also mindful of of Paragraph 6.5(4)(b) of the insolvency rules which provide that if the debt is disputed on the grounds which appear to the court to be substantial then the court may grant the application . We do not accept the debt is not due but in view of the time considerations and use of the courts time we ask that the application be granted but with no order as to costs. If, as we anticipate we subsequently obtain information which enables us to prove that the debt is due we will proceed by issuing a claim in teh county court which will allow the applicant the opportunity to defend the claim" SO......are they admitting defeat on Bankruptcy and saying to the judge grant the set aside??? Whats the next steps guys and girls? And thanks for getting me this far!!!!!!!!
  13. hey tiglet- hows this going now? I tried calling Joanna O Keefe, didnt get through - i spoke to a craig who said she is busy with many other customers at present, but took my name for her to cal me - Ive had no call off her So if we cant speak to the person named in the SD didnt this mean it wasnt valid? I tried only once is this enough?
  14. ok, so after a few weeks, I received yesterday a date to attend court for the set aside, now will i need legal representation here? I cant afford that! Will capquest actually come? I also received a reply from Capquest to the CCA request - they replied saying my "account is on hold for 28 days" so, its over the 12 days for them to supply my CCA - what happens here now? Are they in breach? Also If judge does not grant set aside on 30th Sept when i'm court - is that it? Am i then on my way to bankruptcy?
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