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  1. Do it yourself if you want to complain, then you won't have to pay anyone a fee. All you need to do is write to the endowment provider, and state that you believe it was missold to you ( if you believe this to be the case) If you were not given the choice of a repayment mortgage instead, or you were not warned that the endowment might not make enough money, you might have a case. It's then up to the provider to prove they did tell you that. If they can't prove it, you might have a good case.
  2. I can't see I have any case for complaint. Obviously no one else on here thinks I do either, as no one has said otherwise
  3. I've been told by the representative of a company (based in Manchester) who seem to have a very poor reputation on here ... that many mortgages were not written correctly in contract law, and that borrowers can claim compensation. Apparently, it is nothing to do with miss selling. All my mortgages have been with high street lenders on coventional products. I have never missed a payment of any of them. I did not pay a higher lending charge on any of them, nor an early redemption penalty. I did not take any insurances with the lenders either One was arranged directly with
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