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  1. Hi all, I have just moved into a block of flats and was told when picking up the keys that I would need a permit to park in the courtyard area. The agency lady then wrote me a make-shift permit on some letter headed paper from their office. She told me to display the paper on my dashboard and we went on our way around 3pm. It read: Parking Permit 6th August 08 Moving into Flat 33 Block 3 She also wrote a contact no. on the paper and said if the were any problems that I should call this no. But as far as I was concerned there were no problems until the clamping. Afte
  2. Hey man, i feel for you! i really do, the same thing happened to me a few days ago... i'm trying to explore the options of an appeal too but from what I gather you will need to appeal within 14 days of receipt so writing to your letting agency may lose you your right to appeal if you can't sort it out ???? I will keep in touch and tell you what advances happen on my side because we have very similar cases... tell me, is there any information (parking rules or terms/conditions of the permits) available to you on any building notice boards???? I'm am sure that the management of the building s
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