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  1. Thanks for reminding me, I had forgotten that I had posted this complaint on the CAG forum. Update..... Two weeks went by while I waited for some answer, from anyone, and then I sent a letter containing all the photos and details of the missing printer, and a notice of intended legal action for the loss of the printer, to >>> Claims department TNT Express services TNT Express house Holly Lane Atherstone Warwickshire CV9 2RY ....... No reply came. I then sent the same information to TNT Head office >> TNT registered office PO. box 99 Stubbings Vale Mill Stubbings Vale road Ramsbottom Bury Lancashire BL8 9BF ....... No answer. Just a day after I had sent this second letter I received a cheque for £ 50 from Parcel2Go. I held the cheque for over two weeks, waiting to see what type of reply I would receive from TNT head office. No reply.....Ever. I cashed the cheque from Parcel2Go, I had to concede that it would not be worth all the hassle of going to court over the remaining lost £ 20. One has to wonder just what recruitment criteria and checks TNT ( or any other large courier company ) has for employing their collection and delivery drivers. The shaved head, earrings and tattoos up both arms obviously were considered of no importance. A courier delivery driver job is just the most perfect position for a part time opportunistic thief. All they have to do is to NOT scan the label stuck to the parcel on collection. They know then, the parcel simply does not exist anywhere in their tracking system. No one in the company will know about the "lost" parcel, or where it is ..... except the driver who collected it. How a strong, new, reinforced cardboard box, big enough to contain a full size Alsatian dog, and fully labelled, on the top and one side, gets " lost " in their system, is a joke. The word is ... STOLEN. This particular collection driver I had used at least ten times, almost consecutively, collected my parcels probably once every two weeks. He knew what was in the boxes, I was running a small business. It was by this time very close to the Christmas holidays, someone, somewhere, had a nice new laser printer for their Christmas present. The driver had left his signature on the collection note, a copy of which I had sent to the offices listed above, so the company knows who he was. I am sure that "lost" parcels happen all the time, but the companies seem not too interested in tracking down the parcels, rather keep it all quiet and hide behind highly restrictive legal Terms and Conditions. I had a similar problem with another courier company a few months after this. I no longer trade in printers, too much risk when one has to rely on courier companies employing dodgy characters. I have read recently that TNT no longer conducts business with individuals, just companies only. I am sure that your laptop has vanished for good, you can try making a claim, but unfortunately, like myself, you signed away most of your claim rights by agreeing to Parcel2Go terms and conditions and their liability limit of £ 50 when you booked their service. As Silverfox1961 has written, your contract is with Parcel2Go, you have to claim through them, even though they did not lose your laptop. Trying to make a legal claim for the full value of the laptop stick on TNT could be difficult, even thought it was them who, er ... somehow " lost " your laptop.
  2. No, unfortunately I used Paypal to pay Parcel2Go.
  3. Hi all, I sold a printer on Ebay. Just a normal large format computer printer. I used Parcel2Go parcel agent to arrange collection of the printer with TNT 24 hour overnight express service. Printer was collected from me on Wednesday 24 August by the TNT driver. Driver gave to me a signed receipt of collection on their standard TNT headed paper. The box should have been delivered to the buyer on Thursday 25 August. Three days later, Saturday, buyer contacts me to tell me that the printer has not been delivered. I go to Parcel2Go parcel tracking page, there is no tracking information for the box. I go to TNT web site tracking information, there is no tracking information for the box. Monday 29 August I contact Parcel2Go website live help about the missing box. Answer = TNT have advised us ... No goods. “What does ... No goods ...... mean” ? They don’t have tracking information on it. Parcel2Go tell me they will look into the problem and call me back the same day = They never did. Or the next day. Or the next. So I send email every day to Parcel2Go asking what is happening about their search for the missing box. I don’t receive an answer. I call on the phone to TNT customer service. They know about the missing box and it’s intended destination and the recipient’s name. Parcel2Go must have contacted them at TNT. But the woman at TNT would not discuss with me about the missing box any further. She directs me to go right back to Parcel2Go, telling me that it is their responsibility for the loss of the box. Parcel2Go direct me to fill in an online claim form and send it to them by email. I send claim form with all information about the missing box. Anyone who, like myself, has had previous experience with Parcel2Go claims, willl know that claims from them never resolve into any form of payment. One becomes stuck in an endless cycle of being asked to send all information about the box, over, and over again. Generally given the run-around until the claim period runs out, then one is informed that they should have sent the information about the box earlier. I will only receive their maximum limit of £ 50 if I am lucky with the claim. The TNT collection driver had obviously not scanned the bar-code on the delivery address label on the top of the box when he collected it, so all the information about the box never entered their system. So it is undoubtedly TNT’s fault that the box is lost. Now the box is drifting around in a TNT warehouse somewhere and no one can be bothered to find it. How can a box this size become lost ? It is not a small box at 650 x 470 x 450 mm deep. 15Kg. the box is not something that could be overlooked. The delivery address is plainly marked in large print on the top of the box, completely sealed under clear 50mm wide industrial sellotape. Why someone just cannot pick up the box and put it onto a relevant delivery van is beyond my understanding. I have now had to refund the buyer, he has been very patient. No one will admit responsibility for the lost box. I am getting tired of being pushed from one company to the other. But WHO is actually legally responsible for the loss of the box ? Parcel2Go or TNT ? Who do I take to court for the full £ 70 that I have lost ? Dave.
  4. Thanks for that Ammani....... Beyond my wildest hopes and expectations, Paypal DID actually recover the £ 90 from the non-seller and put it back to my account, and exactly when they said they would. Full marks to Paypal.. However, it could have easily been a long drawn out recovery process if the seller did not have any funds in his paypal account. Dave in Andover
  5. Hello, I win a guitar on Ebay....... Item no. 350259231838 on 10 October. I pay £ 90 ( inc. £ 15 post charge ) straight away with Paypal. Seller had charged me £15 post for the guitar to be sent 2nd class post = 8 to 10 days. Which I thought was odd because all the other guitars I have bought and sold on Ebay cost me £ 12 and took a maximum of three days to arrive or be delivered to buyers by DHL, using Parcel-to-go home collection and delivery. However, I allow for that postage time and wait until 21 October and guitar has still not arrived. = 11 days. Not a case of failed delivery because I am disabled and at home ALL day,... Every day. Post strike was not in effect in Trowbridge ( where the seller lives ) during that time, or even now. After 12 days I send an Ebay message to the seller asking about when he posted the guitar, and for the postal tracking number. Two more days pass by and still no reply from seller. I check on Google Earth the distance from his house and the main post office in Trowbridge. = 1.1 Miles, not exactly a major trip for him. I ask Ebay for contact information for the seller, all I receive is a phone number. So I call the seller, Friday 23 October. 19:00. Seller’s Answerphone message replies that he is not currently available and also that I will not be able to leave a message on his phone. I also send the seller an Email to the Email address listed on his Paypal account, not the Ebay, asking what is happening with the guitar. = No answer. This surely is a strange behaviour for someone who wants to sell things. Seller is currently selling many other things on Ebay, wonder if the other bidders are having the same problems. I won the guitar by being the only bidder, which seems a bit odd to me, although there were 42 watchers. Appears to me that the seller is a bit annoyed with the low selling price, and so did not bother to actually send it. This particular type of guitar normally has 10 bidders and sells for around £120 +. I would be happy if he just sent an email back to me, F~~~ off, You are not having the guitar for such a low price, but the current silence is just plain irritating. Pity that the seller has somehow forgotten to send the money back to my paypal account. Unfortunately I cannot drive now, and do not have a car, so a visit to his house is not really possible. ## This is actually a copy of the text that I have placed on The Ebay forums, but I realise that there is little chance of finding any Legal Eagles on there ! I have Three Ebay accounts, all well into their 200’s. This is the first problem that I have ever had with anyone, or any sale so far on Ebay. Reading the CAG forums for three hours, I now realise that I have been exceptionally lucky over the years ! ! I have already bought the GAC Small claims kit book in anticipation of a difficult time in getting my money back from this seller ! ! I filed a complaint with Paypal and immediately escalated it to a claim four days ago, and I have been told by Paypal to wait until 4th November for the verdict. Now I worry..! This means that I will have to trust Paypal to sort it all out for me ! I would be reasonably happy just to get my money back, but there is obviously blatant attempted theft or fraud in here as well. If I do not get my money back, which one should I claim at the small claim court, fraud, theft, deception,.... ? Regards Dave.
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