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  1. This topic was closed on 11 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi MF5, Both of us totally gutted for you here. Just a thought but is it worth contacting Jason for a recommend of a solicitor for advice re your costs/ appeal? libertie
  3. Hi Zsazsa, I just wanted to say good luck with the claim. HSBC just paid me this week, they said they intended to defend mid october and made me a full offer within two weeks. With regards to attending court in northampton, i'm sure if it goes further you can request it be heard at your local court. Anyway I'm sure if any of this is wrong someone will put me right! Libertie:grin:
  4. Hi Moleskin, Good luck with the claim, don't be nervous. There are lots of us around to ask advice, and plenty of reading to be done! Stick to your timetable and all should go to plan, and it is exciting waiting for the post now. libertie
  5. Hi Chewy I know how you feel, I put off for months sending my Prelim letter to HSBC even though I had all of my statements.Even though I had been successful against other banks. Mainly because it was my main bank a/c and I have an overdraft with them that I am never out of! When I realised that my bank charges for the last six years would clear that and put me ahead again, for only the second time in as many years my letter was off like a shot. I have had a lot of support from my brother, who has a few on the go at the moment, with more tricksy banks. I too received a letter offering just short of what i had been requesting, it arrived the day after I completed the MCOL, and just over two weeks later another letter offering the full amount has arrived. Whoohooo! You have nothing to loose in waiting that extra time crack on and file with MCOL if you haven't already. libertie:-)
  6. I would amend your LBA to include either your acceptance of their partial offer but stating you intend to pursue the remainder, or your refusal of the partial payment, as you clearly asked for a full refund. I think it would be rude to ignore as you actually got a reply to your initial letter. Which is more than some of us got! Libertie:-)
  7. Hi Gordon, I'd wait the extra couple of weeks so you can have all your money back and your 8% interest. I had an offer of approx 90% of what i was requesting. They didn't reply to either of my letters until after I'd moneyclaimed them. I had also given them an extra week to reply. They stated they intended to defend, and last week i got a letter offering the full amount. Thats just two weeks after their first offer. Get them moneyclaimed! libertie
  8. Well done MF5! Sorry I was away when your victory took place, will be round though for a celebratory beer! Ah and onto the next one? Congratulations again... Libertie:D
  9. Damian, Am luvin your avatar where did you get it from? Libertie
  10. Damian, WHOOPEEEEE! Well done, congratulations! :D Any more on your hit list? Libertie:)
  11. Hi Adam, Good luck with your claim, I join you today as I sent my prelim to HSBC also. Keep us posted. Libertie:)
  12. Hi Damian, Just been catching up with your progress, looking good. Shouldn't be too long now for the money. I guess as with everyone else they'll say they will defend and then the magicial halifax cash fairy will make a deposit. I think it was a couple of weeks for mine. Libertie
  13. Hi, You can send a letter accepting their goodwill gesture offer but reminding them that you are seeking a full refund and assuming they make the refund you will be pursuing the remainder of the money through the courts as previously stated. I did this and gave them an extra 7 days to reflect, they just ignored it but I felt happier allowing this extra time. In the end they wont refund the money until you file with moneyclaim. It's up to you if their time is up you can start your court proceedings as previously stated, in your letters. Libertie
  14. Hi rhian When you say you have sent letters to halifax, could you be more specific? If you have sent your prelim and given 14 days, then sent your LBA and given 14 days, then you can start your court proceedings. Libertie:)
  15. Hi Linzi, In the FAQ's section you will find step by step instructions http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/243-step-step-instructions.html Hope this helps Libertie
  16. Damian, I put mine as Final Letter Beofre Action, Dear (halifax name), Thank you for your letter dated xx xx xx. I appreciate the speed in which you have responded to my letter. I accept your goodwill gesture offer of £xx and I am willing to accept this offer as an interim payment only, not as full & final settlement. (then just follow with the rest of the LBA) I understand that the charges you have been etc etc As your last paragraph you could put I require repayment in full of this money. I am prepared to give you a further 7 days to reflect, which gives you until August 18th to satisfy my claim in full. If I do not receive a positive response from you by this date etc etc. or alternatively Dear xxxxx, Thank you for your letter dated xx xx xx, I appreciate the speed in which you responded to my previous letter. I am happy to accept your goodwill offer of £xx as an interim payment only and look forward to receiving this amount forthwith. Assuming this amount is refunded, please feel free to deduct it from the amount claimed below. I calculate that you have taken £xxx from my account. I require repayment in full of this money. I will be keeping to my original timetable which gives you until August 14th 2006 to satisfy my claim in full. If I do not receive a positive response from you by this date i will begin a claim against you for the full amount plus interest plus my costs and without further notice. It's up to you, as long as you give them the time you said you would, you won't make a mistake. Libertie
  17. Hi LizzieT84, I only had one page to go through as I had most of my statements. Even that was difficult, on my list of charges the column in which EFT1 is listed my charges had 94D after them. The charges were either for £28.00 or £30.00 or £35.00 Do you have someone to help you go through your list of charges? hope this helps Libertie
  18. When I replied with that response I tied it in with my LBA. You say you have already sent your LBA to them, have they had the 14 days? If there is some time remaining for that I would just send your letter accepting their goodwill gesture and remind them that as already stated in your previous letter they have until your date before you start proceedings. It's likely they won't refund this money anyway because you are not accepting it in full & final settlement. If the 14 days is already up, entirely up to you I have given an extra 7 days to respond. But the chances are they are not going to pay up until you start proceedings, and others on this site would probably say you are entitled to moneyclaim as soon as your 14 days is up. Hope this helps, Libertie:)
  19. Have fun with the marker pen going through the statements when they arrive! Good luck, follow your timetable and you'll be fine. There is no reason why you won't be successful too. Libertie:)
  20. Hi prushton, Hopefully not long to go now! Libertie:)
  21. Hi Devious, I would send a letter back to them, stating that you appreciate their goodwill gesture offer of £xx and you are willing to accept this offer as an interim payment only, not as full & final settlement. I then went on to say assuming you do refund £xxx please feel free to deduct it from the amount claimed below. This is what has happened with most people, you won't get the full amount until you file with moneyclaim. I think its just courteous to reply to them as they have made you an offer. So then yes move on to your next stage, as you have already told them what your next action will be. Hope this helps Libertie
  22. Just seen this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/capital-one/5337-mcuth-capital-one.html which may be of interest to you. Libertie
  23. Hi again, Why can't you get a full list of charges? Have you sent your D.P.A request to them asking for the information? Then yes when you have that information you can send your preliminary letter requesting them to refund your charges. The letter can be the same one you sent to the halifax. Maybe you need to spend some more time reading/researching this before you jump in with both feet? Your money isn't going anywhere, and you may as well get it right, and not make mistakes. You need to be comfortable with and aware of what you are doing. Hope this helps Libertie:)
  24. Hi Carlota, Check out this thread I think its on page 1 tinkerbelle explains the different types of interest that can be claimed. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=7056&page=3 Then I think in the library there is a spreadsheet that lets you attempt to work out the overdraft interest. Hope this helps, I always quote it as I think she explains it very well. Libertie:)
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