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  1. To be honest I have no idea. I've been kept in the dark about a lot of things and stuff is only just coming out into the open. I've managed to see off quite a few with SB letters which are nice and easy so to speak, but when courts and awarded CCJ's are involved I feel way out of my depth. Depression and denial are a dreadful combo.
  2. Yep I'm currently scanning and stuff now. A trip to the court is first on the list tomorrow.
  3. Thanks. It's a Notice of Issue of warrant of control, court stamped, not a threat. And from the amounts given they have missed off 2 payments. I have no idea who got the original CCJ I'm pretty sure it was a Barclay card originally and the ccj would have been issued over 6 years ago.
  4. Back last year my OH had a Old CCJ enforced by IND. He didn't bother trying to set it aside, because he said he owed it. I did insist he applied to have the repayments set at a reasonable amount and the court set it at £10.00 per month. 1st instalment to be paid by the 6th of each month starting July 2014. We actually panicked thought it said June and sent off a £10.00 postal order. Then paying by pay point each month as I wasnt willing to let them have a direct debit (too many horror stories about debt collectors helping themselves). We have made 6 payments so far and then today we get a letter saying we haven't stuck to the agreed payment and that they were sending in the bailiffs. We have all the payment records with the who what and the dates on so we are actually 1 month ahead. My OH thinking that they would be reasonable given these facts phoned them and was called a liar and that they were still going to send the balliffs in. I did warn him though what the likely hood of them being reasonable was I'm thinking to myself a letter with attached copies of all the recipts would be more helpful. A Polite letter yet one that says basically jog on. Can anyone maybe give me a few pointers I could throw their way? I will post up a copy of what I can come up with but some one who knows any rules that I can quote at them I don't know,abuse of process maybe. Would be extremly grateful for any suggestorms.
  5. Nope only a court can ask that Nope It's money. They never say no to money Tell whoever to do one Get thee a CCA request sent off to DLC to see if they have the right to collect.
  6. Hang on just a moment, If your wife has gone B/R then the debt would have been covered by her B/R and the whole amount remaining fallen to you.
  7. Hiya Unfortunatly this will now get passed around the various DCA's and ain't nothing you can do about that. However each time it passes on and you get the letter saying You owe us Blah blah blah you send the S/Barred letter. If they still bug you then send the idiots this Courtesy of ScarletPimpernel......... ... Dear Sirs I refer to your letter dated (date). I do not acknowledge any debt to you or any firm you claim to represent. All communication in this matter must be in writing. The alleged debt is statute barred under the Limitation Act 1980. Take notice that no funds will be forthcoming. You are reminded that the Office of Fair Trading Guidance on debt collection considers it an Unfair practice to pursue a statute-barred debt when it has been made clear that no payment will be made. I do not expect to hear from you again, and no further correspondence will be entered into. Your etc. Don't forget to send any letters recorded.
  8. The one they sent 18 months ago has you could say, lapsed so what they are claiming/planning to do is serve you again in person by a firm called scotcall ( Another rubbish DCA ). Although they may well just send it through the post again. If it's legal well you may as well ask how long is a piece of string. I guess they look at it as you had the money and have not paid them back and this is one of the ways they are going to recover the amount owed. Which is a pretty simple way of putting it. You cannot do or send anything until they do. In person or in letter If they turn up with a stat demand in person then take it from the person and shut the door. Then come here and put a new thread up. If they turn up without anything tell them to jog on and shut the door.
  9. I know this may seem a very personal question, but are you in any other debt? If so I would be inclined to write them a letter saying do it. Make me B/R. Yes I know that being B/R is a huge thing and if at all possble should be avoided, but sometimes it is for the best. And not only that, but letting them do the deed is going to cost them more than it would cost you.
  10. Nope. The only time you will need to show a I&E is if you get a ccj.
  11. So you and your wife had a joint credit card/loan then your wife declared bankruptcy. You didn't, and continued paying. If so then your wife can safely say get stuffed to Westcrap as the account would have reverted to you when she was declared B/R.
  12. 1st things first If you have no assets then yes B/R is a option But and it's a big but, It is a huge step to take. National Debtline - Website: National Debtline Telephone: 0808 808 4000 Is your first step, keep your finger on the redial as they are very busy or call Consumer Credit Counselling Service - Website: CCCS Telephone: 0800 138 1111 Again very busy. Then can I recommend this site and this forum Bankruptcy & Living With It - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums Any questions you have there will be someone with a answer and they don't bite.
  13. Hi When the house is repo'ed any debt then become unsecured and so can be written off in bankruptcy.
  14. oo oo I had 1 of those letters today saying exactly the same thing. Pity it's statute barred and I'm so hoping that someone does come outso I can inform them of it face to face, then tell them to get off my doorstep.
  15. Don't forget any corespondance you send to yourself is still valid even if not read by yourself:D
  16. As to the cca which Im already onto I just need the correct address. Is it? the 1 of the bottom of the cover letter or the address on the sd form? Sorry to be a pain
  17. As to first contact I really don't know. Viv's had a bit of a head in sand approach to it all. It's only since I started reading here and on moneysavers and have passed along bits that he started to take notice.
  18. Ah so that would kinda be like reclaiming bark charges then. so Vivs defence would be Hang on a second there are charges that are owed so the account is in dispute. Well not quite as straight forwards as that, but thats the essence
  19. My oh has recieved by 1st class post, a sd letter from crapquest regarding a credit card that he defaulted on in 2006 (skycard for those who wish to know) I'm guessing this is a scare tactic, but from this forum not to treat it as such and to try and get it set aside. So the 1st step is to fill in form 6.4 and 6.5 I got that much, but what an earth can I enter to have it put aside. I haven't cca them yet so am not sure if thats the way to go or no in the meantime. Can someone more knowledgeable help please.
  20. Bankruptcy The bottom line really No debts and a year of having to tell someone of any changes in your finances then a shot credit rating for 6 years. Yes it is more complicated than that, but once all the questions have been answered and forms have been filled in. That really is it. I would suggest you pay a vist though to Bankruptcy & Living With It MoneySavingExpert.com Forums There are some very good people there that have been through the grinder and have come out the other side.
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