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  1. I am not certain if these jokers were ever a legitimate DCA but it seems that justice has caught up with one bunch of rogues who have persecuted someone innocent http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ruthless-blackmail-gang-conned-grieving-4301240
  2. Postman/women having to sign the Official Secrets Act??? Where the hell did that come from?? Complete tripe!
  3. I suspect the local government ombudsman will be interested in this if the council has screwed up and the lady concerned was on benefits at the time. I had a similar problem which ended up at Newark magistrates court where I produced evidence that I was not liable and I won the case as I genuinely unemployed at the time. I made a complaint to the LGO about Bassetlaws attitude and poor record keeping and they were give a stern "talking to", i.e. seems they had their backsides kikced
  4. I'm preying I get one of these, have an old family friend who is a freelance journalist who produces a lot of articles for the Wapping mafia. He'd have a field day!
  5. Those two chancers together, I smell Cabot ininvolvement
  6. Its worked with CCS, and also Robbers Way. Those clowns haven't contacted me in over 14 months after I threatened to send a dossier to the OFT. I have never believed in ignoring any of this lot. The course of action is to go on the attack and they invariably turn and run.
  7. Arrived home from work to find a letter from Ruthbridge stating that the account has been returned to Cabot. AS this is the second Cabot have tried to pursue me for a debt that is not mine I have spoken to our local rozzer, who in turn will have a chat with his duty inspector to see if some sort of threat from them about harassment can be made as I have suffered "vexatious door step visits" from collectors
  8. They sent another letter that arrived today so I've copied Brigs suggested letter and posted it recorded delivery. I have also made a complaint to the FSA and have spoken to my our local village bobby who said if they carry on he can investigate and probably get a harrassment order placed on them! There's no pressure on me as I seem to have been fending off these clowns for over 10 years now. Whoever my alleged name sake is who ran up these debts I'd like to slap about!
  9. I've been keeping a regular eye on it after Robbersway tried to add an unconnected address to it which I challenged and after Experian investigated removed. Nothing new which is unconnected added to date.
  10. I had something similar with Robinson Way over an address in Surrey that I never had any connection with. They even had the cheek to send a doorstep collector round who I promptly had removed by the local community police officer! Since then, December 2012 I have had no further correspondence or visits from them. I personally believe that someone with the same or similar name to me owes on old debts and these have been purchased and are now being pursued. I know the debts will be statue barred as I wrote a letter to occupants of the address who confirmed that they ha
  11. This originates from Cabot Financial who tried to via CCS Collections to obtain £875 on their behalf, no client was listed. I wrote back making it very clear that I have no outstanding debts that have not been serviced and that if the alleged debt was mine which I know it is not then please provide the proof. After a couple of letters exchanged they admitted that it was an electronic request and they had not provided any paperwork. Now I have Ruthbridge on the case after £2625.70p owed to the Bank of Scotland?? I have never had any dealing financial or otherwise with
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