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  1. Hello again I thought i would keep you updated on the latest correspondence from my friends at Parking Eye. I received a reminder letter today with pics showing the numberplate of the car registered to me and a pic of the front and back of the car. Unfortunately the pic does not show the driver . The blurb says: "As the keeper, owner or hirer of the vehicle in question on the date specified, you are responsible for the payment of the outstanding PARKING CHARGE NOTICE. The vehicle is shown above, and is accurately timed both entering and leaving the car park in question, proving that the maximum time limit for parking within the car park has been exceeded. please make arrangement to pay the charg within 18 days from this notification. If your payment is not received we may persue this matter through the appropriate channels." It goes on to restate the fee of £70 or £40 is I pay up in the next 4 days. On the back of the letter it helpfully offers different ways to pay. It also says "Why should i respond to this notice?" "If you fail to respond to this notice, legal proceedings may be issued against you in the County Court/Sheriffs Court. This may result in: 1) you having to pay more in the end because of Court costs 2) A Court judgement/decree 3) Your possessions being seized.
  2. i have recently got a charge notice from these guys, should I ignore it or send the first template letter :? This is what the notice says: On 25/07t/08 the registration vehicle XXXXXXX was in your name. Photographic evidence shows you entering the Group Co-Op Car Park at 14.48 and departing at 17.03. The maxium period permitted is 1 hour 30 minutes, so by calculation it is demonstrated that the vehicle has remained at the store for longer than permitted. On the specified date, you were the registered owner, keeper, or hirer of the vehicle in question. As such, you are responsible to ensure that the terms and conditions for parking, as set down and claerly displayed in the car park, are complied with. Therefore you are required to pay the following excess parking charge within 28 days from this notice. It goes on to say that £70 must be paid or £40 if paid within 14 days. £90 if I don't cough up in 28 days. The letter is designed to look like an official penalty charge, with the chequered border.
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