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  1. hi sam they got it by default. I cancelled my direct debit and requested their details to set up a standing order. no reponse and now had a letter saying i have defaulted on the agreement and they will review their stance on the situation ie go back to court. not sure what my best move is now????
  2. thanks even though there is a ccj for this debt is it still possible to get the interest taken off? or would i be able to take it back to court to argue the fact? thanks
  3. i'd like to know how it managed to rise so much also, but i'm i able to request this kind of info?? i've emailed john haywood so just waiting for a reply now. thanks
  4. thanks sam it kills me too! i managed to get on written off with out a penny being put in their pocket but they got me on this one! from experience do you have any idea who might be the best to get this settled with? thanks
  5. I'm currently trying to clear a debt that lowell managed to get a CCJ on. the original loan with HSBC was £2000. with interest etc it went to £3500 somehow but anyway i've paid £450 total now and have just offered £1800 to settle out right. I feel this is fair as the original loan was 2k and they will have bought it much cheaper than that so they still will make a profit! Does anyone have any imput please or a contact name/number for the MD as i'm dealing with a jobs worth that won't entertain less than £2200. Thanks
  6. Ive just rang the court to request copies of the documents but they say i need to put it in writting first. any ideas on what documents i need to requested?
  7. right i've just got back from court now, and lowells have managed to get a charge put against my house down to the fact they had the ccj. in the hearing i told the judge i will be disputing the charge and hoping to get it put aside which would also remove the charge. the advice i need now is that should i pay the £75 to try and get the ccj set aside on the grounds that lowell have never shown paperwork to prove they own the debt even though i have requested it over 2 months ago. im not disputing i owe the money to hsbc just the fact that lowell dont own it. does anyone think i coul
  8. im going to try and get it set aside i think, and then hopefully attend the hearing and put forward my case. is there a minimum amount the charge has to be?
  9. i received a letter from the court saying lowell were claiming against the debt. i didnt receive a court date, just another letter from the court saying the court had ruled in lowells favor. i then received a letter from lowell or hamiltons stating they will be putting a claim in against my house. i then did the letter like suggested, and that is where i am. am i screwed because the judge has ruled in their favor even though they still havnt proved that they own the debt????
  10. right so i shouldn't get in touch asking about them stopping the dispute then. The only other thing is that they have tried to put through a charge against my house, with the hearing next month. do you think this will be canceled now?
  11. hi, sorry it's been a while since i last updated. i sent a letter asking for lowell to provide copy's of the paper work as advised. i did receive a letter saying they are searching for it. this was followed by another letter a week later saying i could settle the debt now for the sum shown, but it was blank! confussing. a month has nw passed since i asked for a copy of my papers, so any ideas where i stand now, and what i should do???? thanks
  12. i returned this to the courts as it asked me too.
  13. sorry, i did fill a form in disputing the claim, but the next letter i received was the one saying i must pay.
  14. i've just got off the phone to the court and apparently the judge past judgement on this and said i had no grounds to dispte the debt.
  15. I can't scan until tomorrow when i'm back at work, but the letter is from the county courts and it does say i need to pay the amount owed to Lowell. Can i dispute this still? thanks for the quick replies
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