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  1. Hi Mistermind, I did reply, but your box is full. Will re-send when you have cleared 1 or 2:)
  2. Hi andrew1, Thank you again. Your advise this eveing has helped me so much and I will be taking the appropriate action on Monday.... and yes you are right again from someone who really does know:-) off to bed now and hope you have a lovely time tomorrow... I bet the little one is a breath of fresh air... have fun and forget for 1 day x
  3. Wow!!! You are so on the ball, all done & thankuuuuuuuuu:)
  4. Hi andrew1, It just said, Yes you are the One! Had to bablefish it as I don't speak French either:-D Thank you for coming back to me. From what I believe I have not had any type of confirmation that the debt has been sold. When I requested all the info from BC, all that came back was the credit agreement and also statements, nothing else. The court form says that Egg is the client and BC is the solicitor and also the person for payment and correspondence. I am still going through lots of letters, but I have not come across any letters of assignments from any of the companys I owe deb
  5. Vous êtes celui ! :grin:(a dû le babelfish ce qu'a signifié il)
  6. Thank you Mistermind, I have now pm'd the author and fingers are crossed x
  7. Hi Mistermind, Sorry I could not get on-line the last couple of days. Thank you for all the info and links. Helped me understand a bit more. I suggest it will do you no harm to send a Private Message to the author of the thread I quoted, and see if he will discuss in private what proportion Egg would accept as a final settlement in his case. Click on the author's name and a screen will open up for your text. I did try this doing this on the link that you posted to Andrew1, couldnt get it to work, but I'm thinking that you may have meant Andrew1 himself (sorry, I didn't want to m
  8. A suspicious mind... another smile on ones face:D Thank you!
  9. That's a great Idea thank you, will do this now... holidays... does nothin but rain down here:sad: I started opening and organising paper work a couple of weeks ago when I first found this site, then lapsed. All help here today has woke me up from this nightmare and to start doing something about it all. I will be sending a CCA request first thing 2morrow. Sorry if I sound stupid, but do you mean send BC a CCA REQUEST and enclose a copy addressed to EGG for BC to send on, or do you mean send them both a CCA, but also send BC a copy of the one sent to EGG? I am somewhat thick at times....
  10. Hi Steven, Finally got there. http://i510.photobucket.com/albums/s350/photome68/CCA1.jpg http://i510.photobucket.com/albums/s350/photome68/CCA2.jpg I did ask BC for all the documents in my 2nd letter on 4th June (Request for information) But only received the CCA and CC statements, nothing more.
  11. You are only allowed to post URLs to other sites after you have made 5 posts or more. (Trying to upload)
  12. Thank you also Mistermind. For a moment I thought they made an error and I owed zero, not one of those luck ones though. You learn something every day, but I had no idea BC had bought the debt as he is taking me to court as the 'solicitor' for Egg. I have nothing to say that he has purchased the debt. If he hasnt and Egg seem to have sort of written the debt off, at this stage would Egg still take a small payment as settlement. I have another egg card which was taken out back in 2000/2001 unfortunately for a lot more money. Should I be sending them a CCA letter now, or find the compa
  13. Thank you Steven, I'm going to join Photo bucket and try and scan from another pc as it does not work on mine. No default notice, just statements. The only charges that seem unrefunded are 2 x £16 unpaid DD fee's and one £16 late charge fee Do I just send a letter to BC confirming receipt of the CCA/statements and just ask him for a copy of any default notice? Do I need to inform the courts that I have received information from him. I will be back as soon as scan is done! Thanks again.
  14. Hi Steven, Thank you so much for replying, soooo good to know someone is there! I took the questionnaire form into the courts today, attached the letters I sent to BC and also added; "It is also noted that the claimant is trying to conduct this claim contrary to s35 of County Courts Act 1984 as I note the claimant has split once cause of action into two separate claims. This is unlawful as laid out in section 35 CCA 1984 and it is requested that the court strike out this case as a clear abuse of the process" I came home to find a letter from BC "Please find enclosed ac
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