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  1. Ok will do that. Say if there is a default on there, how would the CEO department clear it? I always thought once it was on it was on for the 6 years regardless.
  2. Thankyou, will make a few phonecalls tomorrow, if to no avail, an email will be sent to the CEO. Would it be wise to include her brothers name in this email along with the store he works in, along with the situation hes put her in?
  3. How could she find out if she has other accounts in her name? We only know of 3 but as I said there could be more, we just don't know. I've just spoke to her on the phone and emailing the CEO seems like a good idea, if the CEO at our place receives a complaint from a customer which includes a member of his staff, it gets sorted right away. Not sure if its already gone to a debt collector as the phonecall she got tonight was hard to make out what they were saying, other than the account number and how much is owed. How does the process go to change the name on the account from
  4. Hello all, I'm writing this on behalf of my fiance.. A little background first. She has a brother who is a couple of years younger than her, before he turned 18 he got a job at a mobille phone network in one of their stores , to which he is still there now to this day and hes 19 now. He asked my fiance to take out some contracts for him in her name before he turned 18 and he'd pay via direct debit and once he turned 18 he would change them over into his name. I think in total he took out 2 or 3, a netbook, broadbandle dongle for the netbook and a mobile phone contract. He might of ev
  5. Bailiffs can't turn up and seize property until you've been to court, and then failed to pay the agreed amount set by the court. I'm 99% certain on that.
  6. gedro

    MBNA/Virgin Loan

    Hi there, a good few years ago I took out a 6k loan with Virgin, then started recieving letters from MBNA about it, anyway, I owe just over 3k on it, after reading the posts about this bank on here, like many I've had nothing but problems with MBNA, constant phonecalls 5 or 6 times a day off an 08000 number, taking money out of my account when asking them not to (I told them I will ring them before the end of each month to make that months payment, they said do I want them to keep my records on file and take it out automatically to save me ringing in - I said no, I'll ring in myself - yet they
  7. Edited out the details. Cheers for the replies, what is the parking order for the carpark? I looked on the big sign where you pay and it says its controlled by 'sefton parking services'. Any other advice?
  8. Hiya, I went to Asda today to get a quick few things, they wanted 30p to park for 30 minutes, I had no change atall, only my bank card (the ticket machine doesn't accept cards), there was plenty spaces available, so I went in anyway and was a maximum of 10 minutes, on my receipt it says i purchased 4 mintutes after the ticket was issued, here is the ticket what was stuck to my windscreen. The scans of the ticket are below. http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g87/synrg3k/scan0001.jpg http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g87/synrg3k/scan0002.jpg Do I have to pay? its seems a bit p
  9. I was caught speeding last night doing 56mph in a 40 zone and he pulled me over. He was parked up in some side residential road just off the main road which I was travelling on. The only signs on the main road are the ones that say 40 with a camera below it as theres a speed camera about 100m up the road. He asked me to go and sit in the back of his car, there was only 1 policeman, he shown me the laser gun and it said 56, he printed off some long yellow ticket which I'm guessing was the FPN from some touch screen device, but on the offence details it says I was using my mobile phone, no
  10. gedro

    MBNA problems

    Also, is there anyway to being the settlement figure down? it currently stands at around £3800 as that is what I owe on it, but wouldn't really want to pay that considering the amount of hassle and grief these tw*ts have caused me, I had suggested this on the phone to them before, but they said theres not a chance of paying any less...?
  11. gedro

    MBNA problems

    Thanks for the replies, MBNA have caused me nothing but problems since I went into difficulty paying, constant phonecalls off an 08000 number to my mobile - about 15 calls day, all automated though - never a human on the other end, I had to change my number for them to stop, constant threatening letters to my home demanding money or else, threatening phonecalls etc. I'm going to ring the bank now and declare my card as lost, get them to cancel the card and send me another one. My father has even offered to pay the outstanding balance for me as its worn me down over the last few mont
  12. gedro

    MBNA problems

    I had thought of doing that, how would I pay MBNA each month though without them having my new bank card details?
  13. gedro

    MBNA problems

    Hiya I'm new here, been lurking for a while now but this mornings phone conversation pushed me over the edge so I'm posting here. A few years ago I took out a loan with Virgin Money for £6000, you know, Richard Branson and all that, anyway after I signed on the dotted line I started to get letters from MBNA about my loan. Payments where going good, never missed one, until I lost my job early this year and went into financial difficulty. I'm currently repaying £31 a month, I payed over the phone using my bank card at the start of this month and I said to the person on the phone 'make
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