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  1. Re: showing ID - that's why I think I may need to go into a branch because I have moved since all this began (and they have changed DCA back to their in-house solicitors)... and I have no utility bills here in my name as I am only renting a room. Should I do that? I can no longer access my details online as they cut me off a long time ago. Even though they are being cheeky, wouldn't it look better for me if this ever ended up in court (which, for the small amount i owe, may not be worth their while) as I appear to be showing "good faith" by going into a branch to update my address & t
  2. Yeah SP, I am curious about that too! It sounds like a good idea, they can't forge / copy my signature that way. Also, the forwarding order from my move just expired & I know I have to give them my new address; should I go into a branch with the lot & have them update it on the spot? Then I can prove my identity without sending stuff through the post (I have no utility accounts or anything with my new address on it that I'd be willing to share with them).
  3. The letter states thus: "Thank you for your recent letter with regard to information concerning transactions and charges on your account. Unfortunately, you have omitted to sign your letter (poor english!). May I ask you please to submit fresh instructions ensuring your letter is signed. I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you, however, your signature is a legal requirement. I have enclosed your postal order as the Bank is happy to waive any fees for the production of this information. Yours sincerely (looks like electronic sig) M__ P___ Customer Re
  4. I have an update: HSBC returned my SAR stating that they can not process it without a signature! Elsewhere on this forum I have read that it's not a good idea or necessary to include your signature as it it easy for the unscrupulous to forge it where they see fit... They sent back my £10 money order made out to them as well. Any advice? Meanwhile I will go check on what I think I read somewhere on here. Cheers
  5. Thank you JesteruK I have sent them nothing yet, not even a CCA - guess it's a case of "hoping they will just go away" but every bank statement reminds me they are still there! Since joining this site I have a much better idea of what my rights are and how to protect them.
  6. The onus is naturally on me to track the amount I have paid thus far, but I am curious to see if Moorcroft are adding any cheeky charges to the ££ I pay them every month in relation to a Halifax CC they are collecting on... can you request a 'statement of account' or the like? If it's not very much, I may like to be proactive and make them an offer in compromise, but I get the feeling Moorcroft can be pretty sneaky based on some posts around here, and I have been paying about £40 a month for a while towards a debt of only £1,800.00 +/- . Do they automatically send you a request to review
  7. I should probably clarify - I haven't been living here long enough to have any substantial post, everything is in my housemate's name, bills-wise, and my bank is an internet-only job and they may not accept a print-out of a statement. Maybe I should let it lie and have stuff forwarded, it does come through rather fast. OK thanks again everyone who replied and if anyone has anything to add, cheers muchly
  8. Fantastic advice, I will get crackin' on them both. Do you know what they will accept as proof that I have changed my address? The SAR guidance makes it pretty clear that is they feel the request is inaccurate or incomplete in any way, they can ignore it: You should ensure that the bank has all the information about you which it needs to identify you in it's records and also to be satisfied that it is you who is requesting the data disclosure. If you have changed address / name from that registered on your account send proof of this with your initial request. If the request
  9. Thanks mr. ton If a person has virtually nil income, no assets, no savings, doesn't own a home or a vehicle, and lives basically hand to mouth... they will have to accept what you can give and nothing more (and it could still hurt) I reckon. The court can't force you to turn over the last penny in your current account if it's going to cause hardship, can they? If it means not being able to eat or pay my rent... I could get turfed out! I'd be on the street. Perhaps a rhetorical question but being new to this it's a bit scary yet
  10. Thank you ODC and peppapig! It has also come to my attention that I should request an S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) as well because during those 4 months or so that HSBC ignored my offer of £20 per month, they were *racking* up interest and non-payment fees... so this could bring down the total amount they are trying to collect considerably. This site is FABULOUS :grin: So I will be doing some serious research tonight, adapting a couple of the letter templates from here, and potentially getting a couple of postal money orders going for the CCA and the SAR. The lot will be sen
  11. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help. there are 2 parts here: 1. I owe HSBC about £2,200 on a card. After several months of not hearing from them when I offered them £20 a month (I had really hit on hard times), they got Metropolitan Collection Svcs after me. They would accept nothing less than £45 a month, with a £50 initial payment due. I paid the £50 as I was working again (but not for much money) and wanted to do what I could. However, that was in April. I have since moved and my marriage has ended. Out of the blue I have 2 letters that have been post re-directed to me from DG on
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