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  1. Okay - have delved further into the matter now. Visited my mother and saw her M&S store card accounts/statements. Although that account is 'frozen' it is not in a problem state, she is paying an amount to them monthly (although may miss the odd month here or there). So had no idea what the HFO situation could be about... However, she has remembered she also had an account through M&S Financial - basically a credit card/loan provided via the stores when M&S branched out into financial services. So this doesn't relate to a store card with M&S, rather a credit card. S
  2. The phrase used was 'mental torment'. However, I am not arguing a case in court using glib phrases. Nor taking part in a formal debate. I am well versed in the nuances and use of English, although I may over-egg matters occasionally and tend to the verbose. As and when I feel the need for guidance on such matters I will be sure and let you know. Thanks.
  3. Thanks again folks... This is in limbo until I visit and collect the rest of the paperwork. As to the 'I am not quite sure its harassment' - well, yes, quite - I don't need a lesson in either English or pedantry. There is limited space in a thread title bar and somethings get the message across better than others, a bit like advertising. Besides, she was losing sleep and getting in a bit of a state over it... would the phrase 'mental torment' have suited better? Yes I did notice the unusual form of the letter. I wondered if it had, perhaps, been put together by an int
  4. Actually, now that I have the required posts... here is the (redacted) scan of the reply that HFO sent in response to the CCA request...
  5. Thanks for that... just going to let things lie over the weekend. Visiting her on Monday and will get the info and sort out the Data Protection Clearance so I can speak to the people directly.
  6. Exactly... Anyhow - in response to this and other posts... Spoke to my mum today and she has looked out the letters/statements from M&S. Didn't get exact dates/figures but she said the amount due then was below £2000, and that the last time she made the regular, monthly, minimum payment to maintain the account was late in 2010, and she spoke to M&S customer accounts around the same time. I have asked her to call them to find out what the current situation is but not to agree, commit or acknowledge anything... just want dates, amount and who the debt has gone to (if it has)..
  7. Yes... I see your point. Although I cant be totally sure as I am a midway point along an information stream and not party to the full facts of either end. But I wouldn't have thought the relatively short period of my mothers defaulting/payment problems was long enough, or severe enough, for M&S to have sold it on and things to have accelerated to this point.
  8. Thanks for the input thus far... Before I get involved in other things tomorrow I will endeavour to have my mum make tentative enquiries to the Court and M&S Account services... In this day of the Data Protection Act they never speak to anyone other than the account holder/person named (there is nothing official, on record saying I am dealing with her account problem, or acting on her behalf). Will let you all know as and when I learn anything further.
  9. In the interim... was able to get some more info from my mother and compare it to what HFO allege.. They are claiming over £4000 (without an ounce of proof)... but the original M&S account had a max limit of £2,000 and she wasnt at/over that.. - so they have added on about £2k worth of fees. They claim the account was defaulted on in early 2008... this is crap, I have taken her to M&S within the last year and she has used her card to buy things... She doesnt know without consulting her old files, but I would guesstimate the last regular payment she made to M&S was maybe 8
  10. She doesn't live in Scotland anymore.... and hasn't for years. She probably did when the initial store card account was opened with M&S... but she has lived down in England for the last 12 years or so. I will try to call the court before close of play today, or first thing tomorrow morning. I will also speak to her about the account... HFO are alleging £4,000+ in their reply to my CCA request... but I cannot see how she ran up that on an M&S store card... she is far from a shopaholic. Of course their reply was a really scrappy note - quick typed letter, couple of paragraphs
  11. Briefly, yes... that is about the height of it.... It would seem - more by accident than applied thought - the whole claim was disputed because a) time was almost up to reply, and b) at that point my mother had no idea who HFO were... she had never heard of them. Thought it may have been an identity mix or glitch of some sort... Yes, it is Northampton... I guess that is one they frequently use because it made no sense going on their address, or my mothers location. I will be trying to get some clarification from the court.. if I dont manage it today.. then tomorrow.
  12. Okay.. I dont have all the papers (some must still be with her)... Around 15th April my mother received a Claim form from County Court... showing that HFO was claiming monies due. She sat on it for a while - worrying.. by the time had told me, and sent papers to me.. it was almost out of the 14 days the court gave for a resonse. The options given on the court form were - Do nothing: this could mean judgement went against her unopposed. - Accept the Claim and pay it ll (not likely) - Agree with the claim but want time to pay - contact HFO direct and come to terms (difficult
  13. Thanks for the comments so far... Will just grab the paperwork - she sends it all on to me.... and then fill in the missing blanks here in a bit.
  14. The original form/notification from the county court (where HFO were seeking to get CCJ) gave a number of options... doing nothing didnt seem wise as it seemed that would make things even easier for HFO, possibly just granting the CCJ uncontested. The option that seemed best was to respond- to the court - acknowledging receipt of the court papers... This was done using the pre-supplied form - entitled defence. At that time the basis was, essentially, that my mother had never heard of HFO and was unaware of any dealings with them at all. That initial reply/acknowledgement to the co
  15. I wont get too bogged down in the details but a few years ago my mother was able to run up some card debt... although I think the store card and credit companies should be ashamed of the madness that allowed them to clear her (only income from pension) to run up such sums.... Anyhow... out of the blue, 14th May, my mum (mid-80's - age wise) received a notification from a County Court... HFO were applying for a CCJ against her in respect of a debt. She had never heard of HFO and had no idea what this related too... but being advanced in years was instantly worried sick about people march
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