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  1. Hi Its my understadning that a lot of the T+Cs for PPI have in them a clause that says the PPI is no longer valid when you go into arrears. On a credit card, they should theoretically stop taking the premiums however, on a single premium loan, surely there should be some sort of automatic refund of the unused portion as it cant be used. I doubt this ever happens! Do we have a sticky somewhere with a collection of the different companies T+Cs for PPI and I will look through them and report back!
  2. This has jst happened to a friend of mine. Ive looked at the offer they have sent himm and it basically sounds like they are only refunding the bit of the insurance that has left to run. ie. if you are half way through a 5 year term, it is the remaining 30 months they are refunding to you. This would ususally be a 'disproportionate' refund , say for example 20% of what should have been due. In your case and i belive my friends, they are offering 78% of the remaining 30 months payments back and nothing at a,ll back for any payments you have already made and been covered for. B
  3. Why not though? If they do refund the money you have paid and I know some people have had debts written off then what is the risk...? I understand that this site can teach you how to do it for free but speaking personally it looks a lot more compliated than getting my bank charges back!
  4. PAID IT........................£75 cheers for the help all the same guys.
  5. The original handwritten ticket was correct and thats how they found me at DVLA but now all the official court papers have the wrong info on... eg. 'On 12 March vehicle registration NLO2 XX1 was parked....' - it wasnt. '...you were the driver of a vehicle registration NL02 XX1...' - no Im not. etc etc... Surely I can go to court and this wont stand up. The facts of the case are wrong. Or will the maj just ignore the typo and let the council off and continue with the case...? ....or if this is a non starter, is there not some kind of credit given for the fact that fo
  6. When my appeal was rejected I pretty much ignored it for a few weeks. The 'Notice to defendant - proof by written statment' they have sent says.... Criminal Justice Act 1967, section 9 majistrate court rules 1981, rule 70. oh.. yes actually just seen this bit further down...'...failed to pay that charge contrary to section 35a of the RTA 1984 and the city of Newcastle (off street parking places) order 2001. hope that helps
  7. Hi All I recently received a ticket for parking in an unmarked bay at my local swimming pool - local council pool, local council ticket. Brief background is that this spot had been used for many years by all users of pool/library. At some point recently a sign was erected stating you had to be parked within a recognised bay etc or something along those lines. Obvioulsy I had not seen this sign as I had used the pool and space for years. I appealed but was refused... However, I have just received a court summons for Monday morning. On checking they have consistently got my regis
  8. alanalana is quite correct there. The method of calcualting a refund is what is known as 'Rule of 78' calcualtion. Basically its a way of apportioning the premium you pay over the term of the loan. Its not so much of a rip off once you know the basic premise behind it is that as the risk to the bank/insurer in the earlier years is greater (loan amount is higher and more unexpired time to cover), then the banks can charge more for the earlier years. They can also add in reasonable admin charges. However, the disclosure of this information is contained in the 'Certificate of Insurnace'. For most
  9. No Pictures but i could take some... Its pretty much a standard k on white parking sign with myriad t+c's. My main issue ios that as people had parked on that bit for years, that leeway should be given for an infringement that could not have bneen more than a week or 2 after it went up.
  10. I recently received a ticket though I am convinced it was unfair. My swimming pool has a number of parking spaces but there were also a copuple that I and many others had used for several years. They were not marked as spaces but they were usable without causing an infringement to to others parked there. It would be very hard to try and excplain the layout but trust me when i say that they were not an obstruction and had been used by many people for many years. Recently they have put up signs which among other things says you must be parked within a receognised bay. I obviously didnt see
  11. and dont anyone believe the 'you can only cancel within the first 30 days' lie either. This is your cooling off period in which you will get a full refund of anything you maight have paid. After this you can still cancel but wont get a refund of premiums. If anyone tells you that you can not cancel, just ask them to confim therefore that that would make the insurance compulsory. Ask them to confirm in writing that the cover is compulsory just for fun...
  12. the fact you had epilepsy does not necessarily make the policy useless. This is a myth that people continue to propagate. The T+C's of most of NW polices cover pre-exsting medical conditions. More importantly, NW did not offer any advice on the policy. It was the customers responsibility to read the cover and decide if they wanted to purchase it. However, yopu should just go straight to the FOS on this one. The argument you will win with there is that 'you were not advised that any refund applied would be disproportionate'. This one never fails as theis little gem of info is hidden in th
  13. SUpposedly only the last 6 years but i do know for a fact that the FOS have returned all the claims certain banks have tried to time bar and forced them to investigate. As a general rule the FOS do not like/agree with time barring. Unless it is very old and/or you should reasonably have had reason to claim ealrier. Complain away and do not accept the first time barring respnse
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