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  1. Don't know if this will help you any but i am in receipt of income support and child tax credit . When my circumstances changed and i had to apply for i.s the guy advised me to claim i.s for myself and my partner and to claim child tax credit for my children. He said it is only worth claiming i.s for your child if the child is receiving d.l.a not to sure if this will help but you could ask the compliance officer. Try not too worry about your visit.
  2. I am going to submit a new claim and take it from there. Thanks everyone for your advice,
  3. Thanks guys for your help. I work (16hours per week) and my partner doesnt work at all. I do claim child tax credits but i am not n receipt of dla for any of my children.
  4. Was wondering if someone out there could answer my query basically my partner & i are in receipt of child tax credits but he is also receiving disability living allowance (middle rate care & high rate mobility). A lady from tax credits advised me that i should be receiving disability element of tax credits but when i rang to make a claim for it another lady said that we are not entitled to this element. So now im somewhat confused:confused: Thanks
  5. I had a mortgage with GE Money which was redeemed last year when i remortgaged with kensington (big mistake but that's another story) I recently requested a list of all fees & charges from my GE account and to my horror i have realised that i have been charged over £1k more in Early Settlement charges than the amount stated on the Key facts of the Mortgage. Does anyone know if i would be within my rights to try and reclaim this?
  6. I believed my policy was missold i had a single premium ppi policy, i repaid my loan early & the ppi added £2.5k onto the total of the loan. Welcome did say in their letter that they disagreed with my points raised but as a gesture of goodwill they were refunding me.
  7. WON********* Sent a letter to Welcome Finance in mid August requesting a refund of my PPI . Got 2 letters saying they were looking in to the matter and they would be in touch soon Got a cheque today for just over £1000 can't believe it!!! :)
  8. OK i will send a letter to 1st credit, & one to TS tomorrow Thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks ODC I sent them a SAR to get a copy of any alleged conversations etc they have on record with me. How long do they have to comply with a cca request? I sent mine in June and still havent received a cca.
  10. Hi Guys Need some more help please!!! Basically after two phone calls from 1st credit last week threatening all sorts such as bankruptcy, forcing sale of my house etc if i was unable to pay my debt to them in full and advising me that they would not accept a monthly payment and no discount of the total amount owed would be given. I sent them a SAR ( I already sent a cca request to which they have not replied) Today i received a letter from 1st credit it was dated after the phone calls last week) it says that they are prepared to offer me a substantial discount of the alleged balance.
  11. Hi everyone Have just got my statement of charges from Swift but could someone please tell me what template they sent to swift to reclaim the charges (sorry still trying to find my way around)
  12. Hi Hope you don't think im hijacking your thread but i have the pleasure of having an account with this lot too. I requested a CCA from this lot in June and heard nothing until the other day when they rang me and said they did not need to supply me with a CCA as i had made payments to them therefore i aknowledged the debt and that was all they needed they said if i didn't pay the full amount they would take me to court (produce their documents to the judge) and apply for an order which could force me to sell my house. They said was there no way i could borrow the money from family or rem
  13. Hi i have been thinking about it just don't know whether to go ahead I'm on a fixed rate with them until May 09 but i'm not sure if the mortgage companies are like some banks and make you close your account if you make a claim because i couldn't afford Kensington early redemption charge (enquired and it was over £5K) Not to sure about my ability to get another mortgage in current climate. I did ask one of the puppets on the phone about refunding some of my charges but they said no way as the charges are detailed on your contract and that is what you sign up too so basically tough!!
  14. Was just wondering has anyone ever successfully reclaimed the monthly arrears charge from Kensington? Sorry ignore this have found something similar in another thread.
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