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  1. thanks David


    found photobucket and have registered, will try and get it on tonight (depends if mother in law gets it over to me)


    thanks for helping


    just one thing though (i'm probably a bit thick) once it's on photobucket how do i post on cag, there does'nt seem to be a straight link, unlike facebook.





  2. hi dx,


    thanks for coming back to me, i was hoping you would.



    the 4 late payments in question were all sent before the payment due date but all arrived with the companies in question a day or two after the due date


    the real reason i would like to get them removed is that for several years now i have been striving to keep my nose clean, to amend the very poor status i had previously created.


    the only adverse data on my file until these late payment markers was a default, which due to the 6 year rule is due to come off this September, can you imagine how i felt when these appeared, especially as we thought we'd payed them on time.


    being self employed i need as clean a credit history as possible to get a mortgage and thought these might get in the way.


    thanks for reassuring me that they have little impact, that is a weight off my mind,


    i wondered if these companies have the ability to remove these markers, if so i could possibly bargain with them (would they rather i cleared the bill and shopped somewhere else (my wife i mean lol).


    any way thanks again for coming back to me and i'm sorry my first reply was so rude.


    mark :)

  3. hello dx,


    the fact that that we were naive in the first place is not the issue,i understand the clearing protocols now and they wont be a problem.


    i started this thread to try and resolve a situation that i felt was unfairly caused by these companies, especially when they regard me as such a good risk that they keep increasing my cl.


    i appreciate that you have been with cag a long time and have probably helped a lot of people, i'll resign myself to not being one of them.


    thanks for your input



  4. hi

    can anybody help me please, my wife manages a few catalogues in my name, but we noticed some late payment records registered with the credit reference agencies.


    after several phone calls, it became apparent that the payments were made on time,but due to bank clearing they were registered as late.


    is there any way i can get them removed as we feel we did nothing wrong and they are unjustified.


    cheers lots


    mark :)

  5. hi, i defaulted on a rolled up loan (made up of an amalgamation of overdraft original loan and a considerable amount of charges) just over 6 years ago, due to being stitched up by my business partner (ex best friend ). although i struggled i did try to pay off the debt but it was passed on to a debt recovery agency


    the problem i am looking for advice on is that the bank that i originally defaulted with (HSBC) has registered a default on my credit file every month for the last 6 years, and although last month no default was recorded, all the previous defaults are still on there.


    this is keeping my credit score low and is noted by CHECKMYFILE.COM as having a very detrimental effect.


    please help, i'm a good person really :)



  6. hi, this is my first post so please bear with me!.


    4 months ago I requested a copy of my original signed agreement for a bank loan from a debt recovery firm

    (Credit Security Ltd, formally the debt was with Moorcroft Debt recovery, originally HSBC).



    The total amount owing was £8920.00,

    I had been paying £20.00 per weekand had reduced the debt from £11050.00.



    As they couldn't provide me with the copy (it couldn't be found)



    I wrote them a letter (by recorded delivery) telling them I would no longer pay

    as the debt was uninforcable under the consumer credit act 1974.



    To date I have not had a reply.

    should I assume that I will hear no more about this matter

    or do I need a letter stating that the debt is written off?.


    Also the bank set a default with the credit reference agencies in sept 2003

    and has logged a default every month since,

    is there any way that i can have the default removed?.


    thanks for reading, all help appreciated.


    Mark :|

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