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  1. Hi, I'll start by saying what a helpful thread this is, and the attached excel tools are great. I started using the FoSRunning spreadsheet as, thanks to a SAR, I have 9 years of statements to work with. However, the card balance in column E was not coming out to same as my statement balance once I put in the charges and payments. I see from the calculation that is is taking the running total from column E, adding the payments made in column D, and subtracting the charges incurred in column C. Should it not Add the spend ( column C ) and subtract the payments ( column D) ?
  2. Hi, Thanks for that. There is no shift work. There are "core hours" 7am to 7pm and we are to arrange to cover these hours. Our problem lies in when we are on standby. We understand "on standby" doesnt count towards the working hours. However, when we are called out the clock starts again. Our quibble is over the 11hrs continuous rest period afterwards which they company they will allow us, but at " a time that is convenient to the business". Which means you could be on standy at the weekend, be called out and work say 20 hours over the weekend, finishing say at midnight Sunday, but
  3. Hi, When my brother joined his company brother has signed an opt out statement to opt out of the WTD. The company now has everyone is consultation over working hours, on call, core hours and rest periods. Does opting out of the WTD mean that you opt out of the right to 11 hrs continuous rest etc, or do these opt outs only apply to the 48 hour average working week ? My understanding is that it is only the 48 hour bit that you opt out of and the stuff covered by The Working Time Regulations 1998 still apply : A rest period of not less than eleven consecutive hours in each 24-ho
  4. Hi all, sat and read about 100 posts - this is a great forum with good advice so..... as we are having a few "heated discussions" at work at the moment, I thought i'd see if anyone here can help. My first ( of what I suspect will be few ) is about our management staff not appreciating that we are working long hours and that swapping us from place to place ( usually a hundred miles plus apart ) 3 times a week or leaving us away from home all week with clients for the long term is any detriment to us or puts them in contravention of any working time directives. Summary - we are all h
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