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  1. Sorry I've maybe not been clear it's the original barclaycard that was sold to link but they have actually bought it back as it shouldn't have been sold. This is a second barclaycard that used to be egg, this is still with BC
  2. Even if this account is in arrears and I have a payment plan? I wasn't sure as the ppi was taken by egg when they still had the card. My original complaint went to egg and then FOS but FOS had it for 2 years and it had been taken over by barclaycard in that time.
  3. Things are getting even more confusing. I have received another letter today saying they have noticed there was ppi on another old egg account they have. They wanted to confirm they still have this account and they have reviewed my ppi complaint and although FOS did not uphold my complaint with egg they have decided to uphold it and an offer will be made when they recieve a signed acceptance. Why would they do this if FOS rejected it? Are they just trying to get money off this other account? Can they just keep this ?
  4. Hi Quick update. I sent a letter saying what you advised and I have received a letter back today saying: We accept your health issues should have been considered in more detail, because of this we are also reviewing our debt sale procedures. Your account is being recalled from IDR/LINK and it will not be sold to a third party in the future. I have referred your case to the manager of the collections department for further review. Please continue to pay us the agreed amount as before Does this mean the will just continue to accept the reduced amount without furthe
  5. Thank you so much, I will draft a letter tonight and let you know how I get on x
  6. The compensation was for ignoring my complaint for over 8 weeks. I also really confused that they have said they have not registered a default against me and I have never received a default notice. Infact they said if only if I missed the reduced payments would they consider default. I think I will right to them again as I think these have befn breached. I am paying link each month but they have only agreed to continue this payment plan for 6 months when it will be reviewed by them , I am scared that they will refuse it after this.
  7. I have no idea what to do now as they have said this is their final response. I don't know what I can do
  8. The doctors letter refers to ongoing anxiety since 2009 that is still being treated as both medication and therapy has not been successful so far. It was on the doctors advice that I contact creditors as he said without trying to move things that cause further anxieties I have a much reduced chance of recovery and my current situation was making my condition worse.
  9. I should also add that I actually offered barclay card 32.00 per month and it was them that set it at 5.45 after I sent my income/outgoing details.
  10. should I write back to them or accept this as their final response and have to deal with link?
  11. When reading this again it says they have not registered a default against me maybe this doesn't mean it hasn't defaulted but would they not have to send me notice of this if it had. The only time default has ever been mentioned was when the payment plan was set up the letter said if I did not keep to the agreed payments a default may be registered but nothing else until the letter saying it had been sold. It seems very strange
  12. Update, got a response to my complaint from the executive office today. They said they are within their rights to sell it on and the reason it has taken so long to reply was that my original complaint was sent to IDR finance who never bothered to reply!!! My complaint was nothing to do with them. They have stated in the letter that they have not defaulted the account but simply sold it on to a third party. The did include a cheque for £125 for my inconvenience!!!
  13. Yes but separate on the 14th December (had to wait until I was paid)
  14. Just after some further advice. I sent the letter of complaint to barclaycard as advised on the 6th December but with no reponse. I have had a look at their complaints procedure and it states you will be notified straight away of acknowledgement of your complaint and assigned a member of staff. I have had no response whatsoever from them. What should my next move be? Thanks in advance, I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas.
  15. That would be great Slick132, I have no idea where to start as these people scare the life out of me. I can't believe how supportive this forum is and how no-one judges your situation. You are all worth your weight in gold x
  16. Can they just take it back ? What if link says no as they legally own it now
  17. I have found my letter from BC offering these payments with the first payment due only in May this year and the payments have always been made on time. It clearly states in writing that only if I do not make payments as agreed then would this account be defaulted. I have also found in the lending code that due to my medical condition this account should not have been sold on and if it has to be then the new company should have been informed of my condition and been selected for their ability to deal with vulnerable people. My threatening demand for full payment first correspondenc
  18. Thanks Ill get onto this today. Is it ok to put the SAR request letter into the same envelope as the complaint letter and is there a particular dept I should send these too? I suppose one good thing about my condition is that I will not bury my head as if something is worrying me I become obsessive about it!!! I really appreciate all your help.
  19. Thanks for such quick replies. I though it was strange to happen so quickly but I don't know enough about this to even guess why. I know I supposedly have the 6 months on this plan from link but after the letter I dont trust a word they say although the assignment letters do state it will continue for 6 months and as I pay standing order I can prove I have never missed a payment. I am so worried as I don't see this lot accepting reduced payments after this time is up and I have no idea how to deal with that. My house is all I have left and I'm terrified I will
  20. I don't have any statements for this account as they were online and I can't access it now but I know there are no charges or PPI. Would a SAR show anything else?
  21. Who should I send the complaint to, BC main address?
  22. I am not sure what either of those are Boo. dx100uk I was diagnosed in 2009 but maintained my account and only informed barclaycard this year. While the debt has not caused my condition the worry of trying to rob peter to pay paul certainly wasn't helping it. It was through advice on here that I made these arrangements and having been paying by S/O since.
  23. no penalty charges as I have never missed a payment since the account was opened and no ppi either. What will a SAR show? I know it is a history of the account but what would I be looking for?
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