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  1. A small update. This issue is still on going with the lack lustre complaints department at British Gas. Now at the stage where both them and LCS are confused and talking nonsense to each other. Took a small while for me to get the complaint handler to get things back in email instead of leaving telephone messages which was not my prefered method of contact from the outset. Tick a box on a website and don't expect people to start phoning. I believe have enough information to make a complaint under the Data Protection Act about BG using Data Mining. LCS very quickly walked away when I made
  2. Small update: Direct from LCS we work on the good faith that the information provided to us by British Gas is correct and continue accordingly. Sorry we can see and have this confirmed in writing that has been no investigation as they had previously claimed in on two seperate letters. Still waiting for British Gas to stop digging a hole and sort this total data usage mess out, I understand they do not feel easy about this. If I were them would also feel this. Data Mining is exactly how this has happened. Shame that no one more senior within British Gas will take charge of this is
  3. I see the problem with this company and any attempt at customer service, is that when it stops becoming scripted from the screens they use end up telling you basically anything. Have tried to deal with LCS as the debt collectors the nice people at British Gas had put on to my whilst chasing my dead mother, who by the way has never lived at my address. I kind of get the impression that BG are understanding this. With them easy to think they get simple things have already proven. LCS really do not have the art of IT down to any type of form I would know about. Obviously they very much disl
  4. Hi Ericsbrother, Would appear that the email link I found was not relevant to consumer complaints. Looks like this might hit level 3, Holly smoke! Still cross that British Gas provide data to a company that have just been told we don't employ. Think they buy debts from British Gas. They should on a very basic level do what they say on a written letter. Not possible to have done what they say. British Gas are still the dogs dinner in this as fully know they have supplied some of my own personal details to assist the sale of this debt. Get put through to the probte department, pointless
  5. Hi, Understand what you saying. The legal stuff was part of our process anyway. This is the annoying part and that being British Gas and the utter lack of any Data Protection even on a basic & simplistic level. They need to ensure that the data they hold is both Accurate and True, never mind selling or otherwise giving it away to a shoddy little two bit firm. Then having them write to me claiming to have investigated a claim using these details. They kind of missed the very obvious, that being the death and has never been a resident at this address. Death Cert shows place of death as
  6. Hi All, A warning really to be very aware of British Gas and the involvement they have with LCS of Leeds. My Mum died right in front of me literally Back in April last year at her home address. Suddenly and quite out of the Blue LCS have done an alleged investigation of her having lived at my address. Have emailed the so called Director of complaints a Richard Jones a death certificate that very clearly and legally states the place of her death, also another legal document that also very clearly states we are not involved in the adminisration of the estate. Done
  7. Actually do have sympathy with what they need to do. Some people will and do steal gas. My actual problem is when you have been branded have been branded. Eventually after me screaming blue murder was sent an Excel spreadsheet. My very quick observation is that they actually do not need to be honest, or even less use common sense. My British Gas charge sheet as we should call it, stated: Occupied. My version is that was a house non occupied and under heavy construction. The gas engineer would have had to remove building materials to even get close to the GAS Meter. They got in using
  8. Small update for anyone that is interested. By the fact of British Gas taking three years and three months to level this claim at me. Disagreed non stop for months on end. Had a result the Revenue Protection Unit did not or could not provide any information. Hence the illegal £640 was to be removed from our pre payment meter. Great they have not removed the debt, simply added it as a credit instead. Next stop the Director that runs this bunch of.... Shall be invoicing for my time at £15 per hour. Have already spent in excess of 3 hours dealing with utter fools. Here is where
  9. My discovery is this, that does not matter if you have ticked the contact me via email option. Hopefully Tim Copper Digital Director will investigate to find out why then operatives telephone you instead. Perhaps as the Digital Director will ensure that BG do what they say, I don't think would really wait for him to either understand or change the system. Might be easier to suggest to the customers, will just do what we want. On certainly one instance left the own phone number of this organisation. They have and store information on telephone numbers. Oh we have not even gone through the non w
  10. Actually will lodge a seperate complaint that British Gas have no unnderstanding over own complaints procedure. If someone ticks the email box, one would think that would be the method your customer had selected. Yep another complaint, seems like i'm always complaining. They put the system in place and not me. They decide to change the rules and not me. I feel this is justification for a fresh complaint.
  11. Oh we do have an update, I really hope that British Gas are following along with us. I selected the option to be contacted via email. Oh what do you know getting phoned. There we can see, the system already falls over. As they might record calls, I don't have this system. We do seem to have some communications, just not the one that I selected via your web form. I find myself in the position of wishing to place the email communication either on here or on my own British Gas tribute site if moderators do not feel this is sensible, and over anything would help others. The exact mod
  12. My last complaint has gone with no reply from British Gas. That to me at least shows utter disinterest in the way run this side of the business. My complaint of 8th Feb was never acknowledged apart from the self same email back to me detailing what I had said. I can easily see that they do not wish to discuss the matter further. They have found me guilty of the crime. I know never lived here, never used GAS - So I keep fighting them. Would be nice if they bought some proof to the table. When an organisation just blanks you, sort of difficult to fight them. I shall presume on the
  13. Hi ro284, Not an expect in the slightest, dislike bullying companies that can make claims, but seem never able to back them up. Not able to reply in PM. The rules here are the rules and happy with the system that runs. I believe you should hide your actual personal information and post here for better advice. Actually you will receive better advice than I could give you personally. What able to state as fact, once they disagree, they stop all communications. Any email communication these bullies might send you will need to be saved or created as PDF files for you to have a full and f
  14. Here is the real technical inside on how these people operate. They can almost handle very simple Desk top faults, and nothing else. Any laptop stuff gets sent outside of the company to a third party handler. I've personally seen alleged Acer trained personal forcing different memory on to a mainboard when Acer UK service became Esplex Plymouth. Does render you speechless.....
  15. No reply came the reply from British Gas. I think that they don't want to know as are already recovering an illegal fee from the meter. For me knowing that I have done no wrong with regard to the GAS meter to be accussed. Have offered to now remove the Meter and safely cap off the supply. For certain they will seek court action. That might just be one extreme way of getting these people to talk about and explain things in the open. I know that I do get upset when so called procedures and practices do not happen. For two consequtive Fridays have raised the same complaint, with the sleeping
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