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  1. Hello all, ( External Link Remvoed) i posted my problems with RBS on here a year or two ago. The main problem i have had is that the issues are too long winded for people to stay interested in any thing i posted. My case is still ongoing and we have already passed one trial date. The RBS and Cobbetts tried to manipulate the whole case by using all sorts of dirty tactics against me. I survived them all so far though and the trial is set for the 25th Jan 2010. We are claiming damages for RBS's breaches of the data protection act. Breaches which stem from its use of ba
  2. Paul wlton, I think i used an extract of your thread as part of my evidence in the complaint against the barrister i have, so thx for that mate. I used extracts from three different threads that all showed reference to Kings Chambers and there association with NatWest and RBS. Cheers D&M
  3. Nice one mischer. If i were you i would report them to the Information Commissioner as well. If the CCJ should never have been issued they would be in breach of the Data Protection Act i think. If its been on there a while, you may have had bad effects without realising it. Perhaps you have applied for a loan since this was palced on your file. The loan firm could have seen this on your file and offered you a loan of a certain rate, which may have been lower if the information had not been on your file. What i mean is, one CCJ may not have stopped you getting a loan, or
  4. Does it just say the words "outstanding debt"? If so, is it possible these are a heading, does it say anything after these two words? if there are any details witht this outstanding debt bit then you'd have to contact the company concerned if the details are not accurate or up to date. If there are no details with this outstanding debt bit then it may mean there is no outstanding debt, possibly. Just a thought. Hope you get it sorted out mate.
  5. Hello there Sparkie mate. I have just sent you an email. Took me an hour to write it so sorry its a longish read. Thanks everyone for all your words, thats what we really need. Sorry for my rant at the top of the thread. In my other thread Sparkie told me that Kings Chambers barristers in Manchester represent RBS and NatWest. My solicitor had taken me there for a so called conference in which we thought the barrister was going to tell us how well our case would do in court, but instead he spent an hour and a half trying to frighten my wife and i with some ridiculous talk th
  6. Wonderful Underdog, very kind of you. That means a great deal to us. You are right about your opinion of RBS. They are not very nice. They hired 4 firms of solicitors at once against my wife and I, despite their knowledge of rules which say joint account holders are to be treated as one in any legal proceedings. They did this purely to increase our legal costs in the hope that we would be unable continue our action against them. That did not work for them as we continued. So then they ahem my solicitor!! Although i know this sounds unbelievable, i have complaints
  7. Well, the CAG are a really, really wondeful bunch of people who's invaluable support means more to me and my family than anything. My Case is about the fact that my wife and i are seriously damaged due to RBS bank charges. We have had our credit files completely screwed up by the errors of this bank and its application of charges and credit references. There used to be a Page in the NEWS section of the CAG in which Marc Gander, the founder of CAG, talks about the fact that people are damaged on their credit files by the application of bank charges. We have been seriously damaged
  8. Hello all. This CAG site is so massive i been in the wrong section for ages. My post isin the bank charges reclaiming bit but maybe i should have been in this DPA section :) my problem has been going on for over 3 years now. if any1's interested here is the link to my story but i warn you it is long. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/royal-bank-scotland/155111-credit-damage-im-about.html not sure if the link will work, or is allowed. Anyway, I have had the Information Commissioner look at my complaint and we have had his response (Nov07) that RBS have breac
  9. Hi gaz you mentioned earlier in your threads about a barrister. Can you tell me which firm this barrister was from? cheers d
  10. Yes mate, i know about the Durant case. Thats one reaon i am doing it, to give them at least the same headache. In my case tho, i am saying that i must have that knowledge from the FSA because it direclty affected my legal case and once the SRA is being dealt with, the judge may order it to be produced because, in an instance where someone loses the case, they are left with a legal bill that is inflated by the banks breaking of FSA rules, surely this is some weight behind the argument.
  11. Thats great Sparkie thx. i sent u a pm. I wanted to add a couple more points on my case. I have told the courts that i feel i am at a serious legal disadvantage for two reasons. 1 - When i went to start legal action, i obviously wanted a solicitor with banking expertise. I went to the town centre to find one. Every single solicitor said they could not take on my case as they had a commercial relationship with the wRBS (u know what the W stands for right) The solicitor i ended up hiring was the 14th i had visited and he had no banking expertise, and no DPA knowledge. Ther
  12. Hello mate. Sorry for butting in with whats probably rubbish. i have no experience of betfair but one thing i would try is this. Ring them and say your computer has crashed and is beyond repair. You have absolutely no intention of getting another one. You do not know of any internet cafes nor have any desire to use them. Demand that they send you any cahs you have in any account or wallet to the address i presume you provided when you registered with them. I also presume you can give them log on info if requested. Otherwise, pay a solicitor £10 or £15 to send them a letter demading the money
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