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  1. Thanks for the kind messages........good luck to everyone else
  2. Payment received from FSCS !!!!!!!!! just under 8k. for info I had already received 3500 from my NC Bonus
  3. Spoke to the FSCS this afternoon, was told claim was back from Delloitte and was being reviewed !!! should have answer in a couple of weeks.
  4. Will be calling the FSCS in the morning. Claim went to the FSCS in July/August 2008.
  5. My claim ref is 3, I havent heard anything yet!!! getting worried
  6. Its all gone a bit quiet on this, my claim was in the first 5, thought I'd have heard something by now:confused:
  7. Gave Delloitte a ring yesterday but they were unable to give me any update but said as my claim was one of the first ten it will be dealt with soon.....heres hoping;)
  8. I will try and send you a copy of my letter/claim asap
  9. It is available 21 days after the date you became eligible for your No claims bonus
  10. Hi, I have received a payout already and I am claiming mis-selling as well
  11. Letter received from Delloite on Saturday. Heard that some claims will be sorted within 2 months! heres hoping
  12. You will defo receive your money, I have just had mine
  13. Picture are now in default, see the FSCS for details. I received a call from the FSCS asking me for some further details anr they say they expect to settle all claims within 6 months with some (inc mine hopefully) settled within 1 month
  14. It was actually Picture who pointed me at the FSCS and the FSCS told me that they would deal with it. I spoke to someone at Picture this morning who told me that the NCB part of the insurance was paid by another company and isn't affected by the fact that Picture are in admin (or not as the case may be) I dont really want this NCB, i'd rather have the PPI reclaimed and the loan recalculated
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