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  1. It was back in 2005,(this is the date showing on my credit file) i do not ever recall Citi Bank defaulting me, only Cabot announcing they own the debt!
  2. Well, a little more advice needed now! I received a rather large envelope from Cabot today,(seven months later), and inside was a whole bunch of photocopied statements as well as two different photcopies of credit agreements. Now when i say credit agreements, it is just really terms and conditions. there is no signature's, dates or any of the usual stuff you would expect when taking something like this out. Cabot are also still reporting on my credit file as default, even though they still cannot supply me with the correct paperwork. where do i go from here?
  3. Ok guys, i have managed to get three of the defaults removed from my file, but there is the one remaining. I have sent of the account in dispute letter, SAR, etc and recieved back diddly squat! Cabot state they are trying to retrieve the infomation from Citi Bank, however, they say they will not remove the default. The question is, are they legally entitled to to this, or do they have to remove the default whilst it is in dispute? Any suggestions would be great, thanks:?
  4. Thanks for that. I will do as you suggest, but i think if i am right it will only be two requests, one to Cabot and the other to Citi Bank. I only ever had the one account, but Cabot seem to have messed up somewhere along the line,(based on what i have read so far, it does not seem unusual for them), they defaulted the same account twice and the third is non existant.
  5. thanks for the PM, and noted for the future! I have three letters from Cabot, one says 'Current outstanding balance', one says, 'your client currently owes' and the latest one says 'you currently owe', however, i do beleive that cabot own the debt!
  6. Well i received the attached letter from Cabot today, basically stating that they are still trying to retrieve the info from Citi Bank and they have suspended all collection activity until the can get me the info. I am going to send off the 'Account in Dispute' letter, but i guess i will have to see what unfolds.
  7. Thanks for that, i intend to ignore any calls from them, so i guess i will have to sit back and wait:(
  8. Hi, can someone offer me some advice! I used to have a Citi Bank Credit Card,which i fell behind with my payments on. Around two or three years ago i received a letter from Cabot telling me that they had taken over the account. After some dialouge with them i agreed to pay off the debt at £75 per month on the understanding that all interest was stopped.The original debt was around the £4000 mark. I have kept up payments and never been late either, however, i have never received a statement from them showing just how much i have paid or owed. (I can work out very easily just what i have paid,
  9. Thanks for that, i appreciate all the help i am getting.
  10. Well guys, it is now the 26th October and i have had no response/documentation from either HC or CL, absolutely zilch. However, yesterday the 25th i recieved a notice of transfer of proceedings to my local court as well as an allocation questionaire, which must be returned by the 10th November.The form is fairly straight forward to complete, but what is its purpose? Is it just a repeat of the info i supplied on line through moneyclaim? or does this mean i will have to attend court with HC/CL sometime in the future?
  11. Its now over the twelve days now and i have not received anything from CL, not even an acknowledgement. The only letter is from HC and Co,(as above). So i have seen your suggestions, but have to ask,what the devil is an embarrased defence? and how would i go about preparing one?
  12. Well I received a letter from Howard Cohen today and it states the following; "We refer to your recent letter in which you have made a request for information under the civil procedure rules. We are not obliged to provide this information, and would advise that the particulars of claim detailed in the county court claim form should be sufficient to allow you to respond accordingly. Please respond to the claim form with either an appropriate defence or an admission and offer of repayment.Failure to do so will result in a judgement being entered without reference to you." I am n
  13. Ok, both letters were sent out on the 21st August and both signed for on the 22nd August. As of today, 7th September, i have had no response, either from Howard Cohen or CL Finance. Do I give them more time to respond or do i have to do something else to keep this moving along!
  14. Well i finally received a reply from Westcot,just saying they will once again contact Vodafone for further details and in the meantime no further action will occur.So i guess i will have to sit back and wait!
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