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  1. Sam who is it you owe the money to originally? Just wondering about a claim for unfair charges etc?
  2. Hi all am hoping I can find help on here because all the case law I can find seems to involve American Case law. 14/15 months ago I broke up with my fiance under very bitten circumstances, she was trying to force me, I felt, into marriage a lot quicker than I was ready, we broke up I went to another woman, we got back together she found out and we split up again with her feeling I had been unfaithful. Obviously the credit crunch had just kicked in, but regardless I agreed to take her half of the mortgage on, paid her a very inflated figure on what her half of the house was worth and wrote off money I had lent her to pay off debts that she had run up - I know what a mug!!!! The house took a while to complete and I actually took on the full mortgage before the transfer completed just to make things easy, she also got her choice of what she wanted for the house. I have waited in vain for 9 months since things were resolved for her to return the ring as it was given ain my eyes on a condition of marriage. I have now contacted her and asked for it back and she has basically told me to f*ck off and I aren't getting it, I feel very angry about this because I suspect she has acually sold it. How do I stand in regards my chances of success of getting this back through a small claims court? Will my "infidelity" be held against me and will the fact that her parents shelled out quite a bit of money on the wedding that didnt go ahead mean anything? Im also thinking of including on my claim my money back, £1500, I lent her for debts, but my main and primary concern is the ring. Cheers guys
  3. Brilliant thanks, I wouldnt like my chances of sitting in court and trying to explain some of that though!
  4. Thanks for your help everyone I've sent the SAR request off, got to make my application to set aside now because I want to do it with plenty of time to spare, anyone got some suggestions I should put in?
  5. Thanks! Has anyone got a copy of a letter they have used so I can at least try?
  6. Hi guys Thanks to all who contributed yesterday on my stat demand thread, I was just wondering if a company cant comply with a cca request and cant prove a contract existed can I get the defulat removing? Are there any templates for this? Thanks
  7. cca sent today, on this account I owe 6k fairly sure a big chunk of this is charges No PPI I own my own property Really appreciate this guys
  8. Debt is for a Loan I think its been so long I get the three muddled CCA was sent today A man came to my house to give me the stat demand I last made a payment 6 months ago
  9. Hi I have been personally served with a stat demand from a DCA who have a debt for HSBC as well as two others I had with them, I really dont want to go bankrupt but I dont see how its fair that this company who I had no dealings with can do this to me? I had arrangements with HSBC put they passed them on anyway. I have CCA'd them but I want to put my application to set aside the demand and dont know what to put? Any help would be appreciated
  10. no chance i was still paying it up until 18 months ago when i couldnt kep up anymore, CCA as is ask for the agreement is that? HBOS trade under quite a few names have you dealt with them in any form or capital one (thats my other one) what they like at getting the info?
  11. Has anyone had one as well???? my loan was a lot thats all!
  12. I dont believe this! I've just had another letter from them assigning an old HBOS bank of scotland loan I had to them. Again has anyone had any dealings regarding this and the steps you took to deal with it? Getting worried now!
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