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  1. Im sorry to write back, but just wanted to say im sorry to have frustrated you like this, but how I told you the information was how I found out at those stages, I was in no circumstances trying to hold back anything and not telling you the whole story, I want to say thank you for all your help and advice, this judgment has now been cancelled, and that was with all your advice and guidance, im sorry to have troubled you and made you think I was taking you for a ride, this was not my intention. Goodnight and thank you once more. Jai
  2. Hi Legal, The claiimant issued a claim in May, I never received this claim, my son did and he filled in part admission, and from there they were dealing with that claim, so in all there are three claims for my sons rent arrears. This third claim was also issued to me but my son filled in my defence form without me knowing. The claimant is now asking for £84.47 which I am going to send a cheque for and also have included in the letter that this is for full and final settlement, and that he has 14 days to send a letter to the courts to have the judgment set aside or I will be filling a N244
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by j109 Hi Legal, Just wanted to let you know that I have recieved a letter from the claimant and he does not seem to happy, he has now advised me that we still owe him more money, and I don't know how but he has told us about another claim form which he sent me a few months ago which I did not know about either, it was my sons doing, but anyhow I have spoken with the estate agent and I have agreed to pay the outstanding amounts which are intrests and court fees and then I will send the N244, I just wanted to say thank you for all your time and help. I
  4. Hi Legal, No worries, I know how life can get hectic sometimes, I will wait till Mondau now and ring them and get an e-mail address and e-mail them what you have asked for. Thank you, Good night, (Good morning...) Jai
  5. Hi Legal, Just a quick update, spoke to the estate agents, they have informed me that the claimant wrote them a letter about removing the judgement, but they said it was not what we required so have asked him to redo it, sounds like hopefully I won't have to do the N244, I have informed them that I will wait till Wednesday, and if I don't hear anything I will proceed with the N244. Thanks Jai
  6. I will do, thanks Legal, I will post back with what I decide to do, no unfortunately I don't have a fax machine, will call them tomorrow. Thanks Mrs Jai
  7. Hi Legal, Hope all is well. I have received a letter from the estate agents this morning, this is what it says.... Dear Mrs Jai RE: COURT CLAIM Please find enclosed copy of claimants reply and cheque for £12.53 being your over payment of the court fees and interest by this amount. We have passed a copy of your letter onto Mr ****** as requested. Mr ****** has advised us that he is unavailable to respond within the seven day period and will respond in due course. Legal do you think I should wait a further 7 days or do I proceed with the N244? I have not sent the
  8. Ok Legal, Sorry should have made sure it was Special, I will re-send the letters on Tuesday, and Ill have to put the application on hold for another week. I'll get the other documents ready so if we need to send of the forms. Thanks for your time tonight, Im sorry about this blunder. Mrs Jai
  9. Should I post it again this time Specail delivery? I understand i'll have to wait another week.
  10. My husband posted it for me and he did it recorded, first class.
  11. 3.To set aside the Judgment as the Applicant did not receive a copy of the Claim Form or Notice of Judgment. The Applicant did not receive any warning of the issuing of the proceedings that resulted in this Judgment either. The first the Applicant heard of this Judgment was in a recent credit check when she was refused credit. 4. Yes 5. Hearing 6. 1 Hour 8. District Judge 9. Defendant 10. The evidence set out in the box below The Judgment is apparently because the Applicant's son had allegedly defaulted on his rent and the Applicant was a guarantor for that rent. No letter
  12. OH NO!!! Just checked Royal mail, it says to come and check back later as item has not been delivered, does this mean they have not accepted it? I sent two letters both the same to make sure it was delivered on Monday recorded delivery. Jai
  13. No worries Legal will do, I will do it by tomorrow afternoon and ill post it on the thread minus the personal details, I have the cheque ready for £75, the cover letter??? did we go over that one? was it the draft that we did? I will get the cheque, cover letter, reciepts, and the letter we sent to the claimant ready. I will post it special delivery, on Wednesday Thanks Mrs Jai
  14. Hi Legalpickle, Hope your well. No I have not heard from them, I will print off the confirmation if they have it online, I have already filled out a N244 online and I think I will have to change some of the questions asked. When do you think I should post the N244? and also who do I make the cheque payable to? Thanks Jai
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