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  1. hI I too went bankbrupt a couple of weeks ago, i have my phone interview with the OR on 10th feb, but i have been able to sort out a bank account, well two actually. The 1st (as i need to have my wages paid into account today) was with Think bank account, this has an inital charge of £25.00 then you have to pay £12.50 monthly fee for managing account. You get a mastro card, not credit checks, on line banking, managed account so you never get charges, plus you get your account number and sort code immediatley. The 2nd account which i found out about today is the Co-op bank, i did ring them last week answered loads of questions and told them about BR, they were great but application had to go to under writer which took a little time. This is a free account as long as you dont get overdrawn, you get an electron card, internet banking and you can pay money into the post office. They were very nice. Co-op number is 08457240752 and the think bank is 08000747772 (forgot to mention i told think about bankrucpy as well). As for the HSBC i did have a basic account with them which i opened just before i became BR i was going to try for an IVA, but was unsucessful, but i did tell them at the branch what i was doing re: IVA, they seemed fine explained about basic account etc. When OR said it was ok to keep this account, i called them and told them about BR and they were very rude and said account would be frozen and that i was not to use it. Good luck
  2. Hi again Sorry just need a little advice re : a Dell computer i had, i am still paying for it but, do not have it any more. Will i be able to put this with my bankrupcey, on the agreement it is called a Fixed sum agreement not a Hire purchase which i thought it was at first? Thanksx
  3. Hi Sorry i think i understand about posting it up, you mean the CCA? not sure if you will understand but i just felt that, I was under pressure to talk to them, i had been avoiding it and was getting worried, so i tried for the IVA which i was told would be accepted. So i did what i was told my Money,Debt and Credit, cancelled all D/d and standing ordered, changed bank accout, as i had an overdraft with old bank, so that had to go into IVA. Then a man came out the next day, took all my detials along with payslips, bank statemenets etc. Then i got a call just after christmas telling me that Link would not accept IVA, they told me that had never happened before and they were very sorry. I was dumfounded, i spoke to my family as i had come clean with them all and told them my debt worrys also told them i was going to do an IVA which would pay back a lot plus end in 5 years. They were happy for me to see an end plus they new i wanted to try and do my best to show my son about responsabity (unlike ex-husband). I was told by one memeber of family to ask money debt and credit to prosose to link that they accept IVA or have less with bankruupcey. Money debt and credit told me they put this to Link and it was refused still. Well i was beside myself. I had changed all bank account and stopped all D/d and standing orders, they would all be after me again. So i decided enough was enough i would try for bankrupcy. I filled out form on line, looked at various stights this being a good sight for knowledge and set form in online, then book a hearing which was friday just gone. Once appointment was made i plucked up the courage to call link to ask why they never accepted IVA, i was told they were never offered one, they tried to ask me questions about where i worked etc, they asked me to call back, but i never did, also never told them i was trying for bankrupcy. Well i have been avoioding all phones called as you can imagine. I called money, debt and credit and was told the man who was dealing with me had resigned that day so i could not talk to him, but this other man told me that they had never put iva to link as they new they would not accept it as it was not 70%????. They were very sorry that i had been given some incorrect advice and that they hopped all would be ok. I asked for my stuff to all be sent back and was told that it would be first class the next day, i have yet to receive it. Well my bankrucey was on friday just gone, and can i just say i had a horrible morning just before hand tears the lot, but i got to the court and the lady (clarke of the court) was brillant and very nice and not at all what i expected. She was very helpful and nice. Got all the verble stuff out the way and then instead of me having to wait until later to see the judge she got me in early. then i just sat in with the judge very informal and was told to confirm what i had written, also asked if i had seeked help, which i had. Then it was signed. The nice lady (clarke of the court) came back out to see me and bring me my copy with my bankrucey number on, and told me to think of this as a new start, which i am going to. I will be hearing from the OR very soon apparently he/She will call to arrange a meeting, either by phone or in person. I am a bit worried aobut this as i hope they are fair about disposable income??? Thank
  4. Hi I am in court on Friday this week, very scared not sleeping brilliantly, i have filled the forms out on line and made 3 copies. had a few phone calls asking for money but am not saying anything. Link keep calling but i am not answering. Feel very let down by company who said they could guarentee an iva for what i could just about afford which was £225 plus increaded when i stop paying maintance to £450.00, this will be in about 2 years. I stopped all D/Debit which i had be paying and changed bank account leaving the old account with my overdraft. I feel like a thief. i cant beleive how slow a week can go, not sure what to do about my rent i pay, what it is, is that when i was made redundant last year i was able to rent a room off a friend of a friend who has become my friend now, my son is able to stay at weekends in the Office/spare room. which works well for me and him. The land lord (friend) takes £150 via my bank plus i give him £240 cash either buying some thing every so often or giving him cash. He said he will gladly do a letter saying he gets £390 a month rent, but i do not have a rent book and i dont want to rock the boat. What do you think. sorry i am rambeling again.xx
  5. i can not get access to that page. I was using an agency for the IVA who did all the work.
  6. new update, I have applied for an IVA and have been told that Link will not accept this. so my only course of action left will be to go bankrupt. xxx
  7. Hi just updating - it looks like the loan was my ex's which i did co sign with him. This has been the last straw..... i have applied for an IVA which i found through this web site, sounds ok, but not sure, might have to start a new thread. Good luck to every one else. I have just oopend a new bank account, only got a basic basic one. xx
  8. will do that next week, thank you for getting back so quick.
  9. Will do that next week. Thank you
  10. Hi I had a copy back last saturday which is an agreement, it is definatley my signature on it. Then this week i received a letter in respoonse to the one i sent them, there letter is as follows:. Dear Mrs ................ Please be aware a copy of your agreement was supplied to you on the 17th November 2008. We have therefore complied withour obligation under the comsumer credit Act 1974 and do not consider your account to be in dispute. The responsibility to manage the information placed with the credit reference agencies by Abbey Natinal plc was also passed at the time of purchase. Therefore we no (probably do) not believe we are in breach of our responsibilites under the act with regards to your detials. We maintain the information we are reporting to the credit reference agencies is an accurate reflection of how the account has been paid and therefore we will not be removing this default. The debt is known as a "chose in action". As the original lender holds the legal right to collect the debt, they also hold the right to assign their rights to Ling Financial. Although the lender does not need your permission to do this, section 136 of the Law of property act 1925 requires, in order of these to be a legal assignment that notice of assignment should be given in writing. After we located and validated your new address this was sent to you on 29th Sept 2008. Please contact us to discuss the repayment of your ourstanding balance. No mention of my ex husbands name on any letter, his is name is on the agreement. Help what should i do next:(
  11. Thank you for all your support. I have just sent letter off recorded also got proof of postage. I also donated to the cause via the link at the top of the page. xx
  12. would the 12 + 2 days be working Days? Please
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