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  1. Understand that about the courts but what do I do while they are deciding whether they have enough evidence to proceed? Is there anything I can write to Mortimer Clark to say they have XX amount of days to provide evidence of the debt otherwise they have to drop the case. I'm aware that there is an outstanding amount on my credit file and that will stay there until Mortimer Clark decide what to do which means I can't do anything further. Could someone help with next steps to them if possible?
  2. So it has been quite a while now and no-one has got back to me from Mortimer Clark with any details of paperwork they've received from HSBC and it has gone deathly silent. The Court replied and said that the defence had been filed and that as they had heard nothing from the solicitors then no CCJ had been entered so nothing was put against my name. However I still have a file on my credit report for this which is affecting my rating and I would like it removed. I'm unsure as to the next steps as it has been nearly 2 months since I spoke to the solicitor at Mortimer Clark and with no word
  3. That I had no knowledge of the debt and that I had not been provided with any paperwork regarding this debt by either HSBC or Marlin. That I disputed the debt and do not have an overdraft for HSBC plus my account from 1994 is still live and has not been closed by HSBC.
  4. Hi all Just thought I'd update you. I sent off the defence to the court and received a letter saying that they had filed it with claimant and they had 28 days to come back to the court (which is next week). I also received a letter from Mortimer Clark who said that they had requested files from HSBC and that they agreed to an extension of a month to file defence (I didn't ask for this at any point and had filed it anyway.) That was all I heard until I phoned them today and spoke to a solicitor there who was actually very helpful. She said they had received no paperwork from HSBC an
  5. Thank you for your help! I will send the letter and see what they come back with. The account was never terminated and I never received any demand. The account is still live and I'm still using it. Surely that is strange in itself - there is no record on any of my statements going back 6 years of any overdraft for that amount. It is very strange but will let you know what they come back with.
  6. Thank you Citizen B and all. I have no knowledge of anything listed and I will look at my credit file but nothing was on there relating to this last time I looked. 1994 was when I took the bank account out and have had it since this date. They do not give me a date of when the debt occurred or any information. I have filed a defence with the county court stating I have no knowledge and deny the claim - the date of claim in 10 June 2013. The claimant is Marlin Europe Ltd with Mortimer Clark acting as their solicitors. They suggested I go back to HSBC to get information.
  7. Hi Requesting help for what information to send to Mortimer Clark / Marlin to get this issue resolved. This morning I received a Money Claim online letter from CC on behalf of Mortimer Clark / Marlin stating I owe HSBC bank £2,800 due to an overdraft in default / not paid. I have not knowledge of this debt and in fact still have a current account (the same one I have had since 1994) with no overdraft. When I phone Mortimer Clark this morning they said they had no details and I would have to write to them and HSBC but they could not promise that they would have the original agree
  8. Today I got a letter from them saying they had been in touch with SLC and... "They have advised that the account is not statute barred under the limitations act 1980. Our client (SLC) states that a copy statement was requested through an external agent in March 2005, therefore you have acknowledged this debt. We have been instructed by our client to continue pursuit of this outstanding balance." The thing is in 2005 I wrote to their DCA at the time stating it was statute barred and they removed the 96/97 sums but not the 98 sum. I didn't request a statement they sent me one to show t
  9. Just to let you know that I wrote to SLC and OFT copying Buchanen, Clark & Wells into the letter complaining that they are giving out wrong info about Students Loans between 1990 and 1998 and that I have reported them for using harrasment and threatening to arrest my bank account and I got this back; Dear I write with regard to email of October 26, 2009, issued in relation to the aforementioned matter. We have referred this matter back to Student Loans Company Ltd. The information provided in my last response was advised by our client. I have authorised a cessation on col
  10. Thanks so much postggj. I'll have a look at that thread. Do you know which letter would be best to send to SLC complaining about their DCA? Should I send this one again as the DCA replied to this but the SLC have not acknowledged at all; To: Student Loans Company cc: Buchanan, Clark & Wells WITHOUT PREJUDICE Dear Sir/Madam Account No: You have contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself. I would point out that under the Limitation Act 1980 Section 5 “an action
  11. I recently got a letter from Buchanen Clark and Wells about SLC. I was at uni from 1996 - 2000 and they are saying that I have loans from 1998 / 1999 outstanding. (I have previously tackled this with SLC years ago which resulted in most of the previous years 96/97 being removed). I wrote to them with a statute limitations barred letter and they wrote back saying "The SLC have advised that this is not applicable to loans between 1990 and 1998" - which from what I've read on here seems rubbish. I was away last week and just got home today to see a Arrestment of Bank Account letter sayi
  12. Heard nothing from Ruthbridge (which doesn't surprise me according to the recent posts). What shall I do for the next step? And if they don't reply back after that can I keep sending them letters until they agree to close the account and take it off my credit report?
  13. Hi, I just had the same thing happen. I received a letter this weekend stating that I owe a rather large amount of money assigned from Direct Auto Financial Services and that their client is Direct Legal and Collections. I phoned them to find out what this was and to advise that I'd written to them disputing the debt. The lady on the phone kept saying ' why do you dispute this debt' and I said because I don't believe I owe this company any money. She then said that wasn't a good enough reason and asked me again and said she would not put the account on hold. I said I did not know wha
  14. I just got the same Pete. They acknowledge now thatI sent a letter and fax but 'say' it was not put onto their system until today. Meanwhile the account is off hold (surely they can't do that because it's in dispute) AND they've sent another letter to my ex partner's mother (even though I've asked them not to!!) I know I shouldn't but I phoned them, told them to put it on hold - to give me a satisfactory evidence that we owe this money and if not lay off. I've also told them I'm reporting them to OFT for hassling a third party not related to the debt! I'll see what we get back!!
  15. Yes I asked them to send me their complaints procedure. They were totally fine on the phone; said they would look into the letter and their admin department and put it on hold. They also said they'd request the information from their client (would this be the people the bought the debt off??? what client!) and send it to me. What made me really mad is they tried to make out that I had sent nothing in until today and that the account was no longer on hold. Plus even though I requested letters not to go to the 3rd party (not named anywhere in conjunction with the debt) they still did it ten days
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