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  1. Thanks! This is helpful, I'll ask them to provide the full agreement . As for the statements, I did ask Moorcroft for a statement of account and I know they received my letter on 27/08/08 but they haven't even acknowledged this request. Also, I told Moorcroft in that same letter that I was stopping payments as the account was in dispute till they provided me with the CCA I had with them (which I never signed an agreement to pay them anything). I'm definately up for the fight- as long as I have grounds for one! That's where I feel insecure- cause I don't know if I've ground to stand on if they
  2. BUMP Just posted some links to the images in my previous post. Are these any good? I tried to zoom in on it and posted this as the second link...
  3. Having trouble posting images but you should be able to view them here: ImageShack - Hosting :: af1js8.jpg and a closer look here: ImageShack - Hosting :: af3ht6.jpg
  4. Ok, SNAP! Does this mean I could still insist MDR provide a CCA? Even thought Lombard said they are acting for them in their last letter? Scanning agreements as I type- will post these in a jiffy...
  5. Ok, SNAP! Can I demand Moorcroft provide the CCA then? Even if Lombard have written and told me they instructed them to act on their behalf? Scanning agreement as I type...will post it in a jiffy.
  6. Aw thanks...I needed that smile you just put on my face Patiently awaiting some more cheerful advice from you...hopefully!
  7. Hi guys, I need some advice asap please! Further to what I wrote above, I got a letter from Lombard Direct saying this: "Further to my letter dated 09/09/08, please find enclosed a copy of your signed credit agreement that you have requested. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further assistance. Yours sincerely, Laura Lee Foon" I got this letter around 20/09/08 which I haven't had the time to respond to as yet. They sent a photocopy of a signed credit agreement. It was just one page and the signature looks like mine. They never responded to any of the
  8. Thanks, I'll wait then Love your letter Scarlett Pimpernel- Dear Ms Lee Fool
  9. Thanks, this is really really good. Well, I got a response from Lombard today and I've got loads of questions . This is so nervewrecking guys...can anyone help me please to find some answers? This is what they said: "Thank you for your patience whilst your recent complaint has been investigated. Your complaint has been investigated fully and I can advise you that:- The status on your credit file reflects that you are in default of this loan account. This is a true reflection of how you have conducted your account with us and we are unable to amend this. (I had asked t
  10. Thanks- I've been wondering about that for ages- whether the 12 days included weekends. And thanks for pointing out the ruling. If they send another negative letter then I can reply and include the ruling and reinforce my request for a refund- keep them on their toes cause they've kept me on mine for so long...you're a star- will let you know how it goes.
  11. Thanks David. I've cancelled my direct debit to them And yes, they've been entering a new default every month- I thought you could only get 1 default per debt (as per the definition of a default by Credit Ref Agencys')? Is this true?
  12. Aw, thanks emmaf01 and Palomino. That's very encouraging I'm really grateful cause I'm really nervous about doing this and getting into more trouble. Further to my last posts, I got the following reply from Moorcroft today: "I refer to your recent correspondence (which they received on the 26/08/08. We are continuing to seek to obtain a copy of the Consumer Credit Agreement that you have requested. Our systems provide for reviews to be sent to our client on a regular basis and this we are continuing to do. I will contact you again just as soon as the agreement has been made avail
  13. Jesus, what was the point of writing to them then? The main reason I was writing was to get rid of the defaults. I didn't expect they'd refund anything but thought I'd shake them up and ask anyways cause that's the kind of thing they'd probably say to us. Jez, hope I haven't gone and opened a can of worms with them...it's the last thing you need before Christmas!
  14. Hi, I've received some great advice from people on here and got my first letter sent off to MDR and Lombard this week. In a nutshell, here's what happened to me: I've been dealing with MDR for a number of years now. I started off with a debt of £10,000 + approx. £1,500 in interest in 2003 owed to Lombard Direct to be paid back over 2 years. A few months later in 2003, due to unforseen circumstances, I realised that I would no longer be able to afford the monthly payments and I called Lombard and told them that I couldn't make the agreed payments and asked if a new payment plan could be ar
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