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  1. Looks like you have kicked Connaught Collections into touch.. There is no other information about your case here, it would seem you would be best SAR and CCA to 1st Credit and the original Bank.. 1st Credit could pass it on again, and you could be back in the same position but do keep that letter safe.. LOL
  2. PO BOX Number on back of envelope or Camelford House 87 to 90 Albert Embankment London SE1 7TP This there real Home... Good Luck
  3. If your sad you could become a DCA staff member or why not set up your own DCA..Read the attachment..its funny..Pity they are not !! Cheers Full Public Course List Website.pdf
  4. I take it you sent them a request for the CCA ? And by Recorded delivery ? You should have sent a reminder, but never worry. assuming you have the details above, copy letter and put reminder in the post (R/D)..ASAP keep a copy... TS report Yes ICO Yes Write to OFT as well, the more that complain the better.. You need to post up more about the "alleged" debt, keep personal details off it. Then more people can help.. RE the CRA;s I would send HFO and the OC full SAR's @ 10 pounds each (postal orders)...
  5. Sorry Could not find that number.. you could be right, it could be Link, I just don't know.. But here is one that is Link 0207 793 2650 from a direct letter to me!! LOL If you do ring it, I suggest you don't (Strongly) put 141 to block your number. Have you sent them an S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) ? Cheers
  6. Go To the Library and use the CCA request and send one pound postal order marked " For CCA use only". SEND RECORDED DELIVERY & Do not Sign !! Print Your Name.. What is this for ? Credit Card/Loan.. Keep us informed.. Good Luck
  7. Send them an SAR & CCA, do not talk to them.. You will find SAR and CCA in letters library, £ 10.00 & £ 1.00 postal orders and send recored delivery. Then come back here when they come back to you..
  8. I would make a complaint mate, the more who do the more they will have to "buck up" there Ideas (OFT) Cheers
  9. Cheers Mate, Have gone down the FOS route, But it's only started, so wont hold my breath.. For good measure I made a complaint to OFT, Got a rather surprising answer and asked for permission to disclose (if needed)...of course they then said that they couldn't act for the consumer etc (the usual).. but after sending the forms and a letter they thanked me and "Assured Me" that "if they received more complaints it "could" make them investigate.. So if i where you I would spend 34p...you never know.. I will try to keep this updated... Cheers and Thanks
  10. Why yes sir, I have They are the lowest of the low (to Date LOL) be very careful of them, Keep everything (letters, envelopes, Post it's whatever !!!) If you recived a card from a company called First Rate Logistics, First Logistics or something similar do not call them, it seems to be there operation to entice you to call them. It will appear like a Post Off9ce calling card but it is not "We missed you today" type thing but NOT IN Post Office colours.. They are stupid as well, left 3 messages on my mobile, breach of the Data Protection Act.. But be wary Cheers
  11. 7 Times in 10 mins is shocking, I would send them (and H 3g) a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) and CCA also an Harrasment letter. Also good if you record the calls on a form and better if you have a telephone recorder MP3 or something.. When the SAR comes in look out for your letters, and then copy to them with your letters and RD slips receipts.. HFO are Scumbags..of the lowest order Good Luck Dont suppose you got a card from a fictitious delivery company before the calls ?? !!! Sorry meant to say SAR will cost £ 10.00 each and don't forget to RD and copy !! Cheers
  12. And don't forget Recorded Delivery (At Least), If they reply always keep the envelope !!!!! Cheers
  13. After over a year waiting for Citi to send me cca, they have now sent a copy of t&c's to me claiming that this is the agreement anyone else had these problems? This is really getting to me ..I paid the £1.pp fee and did an S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) as well..they defulted me and will not remove default..I know there are charges and PPI but they will not refund (other than a crap offer) ..there next threat (after a letter to them) is to re send a DCA in ... thanks for any words of encouragement Paying Citi Back Cheers
  14. I would look again and see if the following is there: 1 A credit limit or amount of credit. 2 The rate of interest. 3 A repayment schedule. I also notice you ticked PPI, you may want to investigate if it was suitable to you and if the PPI details where sent to you for review.. No doubt they have that all recorded as well.. Cheers and good luck...
  15. In simple terms Yes.(to your second point) I would send them and A&L, at the same time a Proper CCA Request, Cost £ 1.00 pound each, And I would suggest (nay insist you send it RD), Further to this I would also include a Full S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) for both and amend that they supply an Audio recording of the "alleged" conversation on CD or WAV file's in addition they should supply a Transcript of the conversation.. I will assume that they told you at the start of the conversation that it was being recorded .S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) will cost £ 10.00 each, you
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