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  1. Hi folks. I am waiting to hear back about the outcome of the hearing to have the CJ judgement set aside. In the meantime, I have had a letter from Link (dated 12th August) regarding my request back in June for a true signed copy of the original agreement. Their response was: Am I right in thinking that this case has nothing to do with the original creditor any more, and that Link have a legal obligation to provide the requested documents themselves?
  2. Blimey... ...Thank goodness for the power of the internet forum, eh?
  3. The N244 is completed, and ready to go off to the court tomorrow. I have also drawn up a "PART 18 REQUEST FOR INFORMATION" to Link (I saw this in another post) Quick question: - Why is it recommended not to sign letters sent to the creditor?
  4. Just one more thing - may sound like dumb question... I am staying in temporary accommodation in Spain at the moment, and do not have access to the mailbox here. I get post sent to the local post office where I pick it up. In the N244 form, when it asks for my address, which should I give? (any correspondence sent to the apartment address is unlikely to reach me)
  5. Invaluable advice, FF. I really appreciate it. Judgement was back in May, for around £11000. I'm going to complete the N244 application now, and send it off today, asking for the CO hearing to be adjourned/rescheduled, as you suggest. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the advice FunkyFox. I actually don't live in the UK any more, and at the time of the CCJ hearing, I was living in France. I only received notification of the hearing (via redirected post) AFTER the hearing date. I can prove my whereabouts with flight bookings and rental receipts for the apartment I was occupying in France. As I am abroad, I am not going to be able to attend the hearing on the 22nd of this month. Can I write to the court beforehand with my objections/defense? Or do I need legal representation in court to represent me?
  7. Hi, I have a court date for a couple of weeks time, but I no longer live in the UK. I still have a property in the UK, which is rented out, and the DCA are going for a Charging Order. They have not complied with a CCA request dated 18th June, and this is to be my defence. As I'm not in the UK anymore, I'm not going to be able to attend court. Can anyone offer any advice on how best to proceed? Do I need to/should I pay a local solicitor to represent me in court? Any advice would be gratefully received. Luke
  8. Hey folks, I hope you can help me. I have a debt which has been sold to Link - a most disagreeable DCA. In my absence (while abroad), they managed to obtain a CCJ against me, together with an Interim Charging Order. I now have a court hearing later this month. Based on advice I've read on this forum, I wrote the following letter to Link on the 18th of June 2008: The letter was delivered and signed for the following day, and I have proof of delivery. To date, I've received no response from Link at all. From what I've gleaned from other posts, (alt
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