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  1. Help please ! Does nayone have knowledge as to whether I should apply to have this set aside or not, as by doing so, I will have to reveal my current address,
  2. Palomino Thanks for the info. How should I proceed with this. If I apply to set it aside, it will acknowledge I've received the SD. As the redirection is from 2 years ago, ( which ended the day I received the SD in any event) would this stand up as there is no way they can claim I actually received the SD at my current address.
  3. Hi I don't have a lot of experience her and have also had an SD from capquest recently. However, last year I got an SD from Lowell Portfolio re MBNA credit card. It was the same as your's - no court name etc. From what I've read, they must tell you the court in question. I ignored mine as I thought it was very amaturish. That was 13 months ago and I haven't heard anything since. (ps They also mis spelt my name on the form)
  4. No, I don't own the house, just rent it. Re the posting by 42 man, if I "ignore this" and the redirection is cancelled and there is proof I have not liverd there for 2 years, could they still go ahead with a bankruptcy petition without me knowing ?
  5. Hi I've just registered on the forum and also spent some time reading other threads about SD's as I have just received one. If I can outline what I've had so far, can anyone give me advice as to what I should do next ? Thanks in advance Little Red. Received SD from Capquest re old credit card debt of £8k ( plus their interest since date of assignment to capquest on May 06)+ £2.5k = £10.5k total. SD was received first class post, but was sent to an address I lived in 2 years ago. I have a redirection on that address to my previous house, and then another redirection to wher
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