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  1. Hi, I eventually got through to the Principle - the saleman whom I was dealing with vanished off the face of the planet?!? Anyway, they have re-imbursed my card, thank god - this only due to telling them I had begun instructing my solicitor to begin legal proceedings. What a bunch of idiots! I def wont be using them again, never! and will be sure to tell anyone and everyone I know to keep well away. This has caused me alot of stress and time out of work. This all could have been avoided if they had any clue of how to treat customers. Thanks 'FOXY Steph' S
  2. Hi there, I purchased a vehicle from EH 3 weeks ago (£500 deposit paid) - i was promised vehicle would be ready on 25th March. Upon arriving, I was told the Finance hadnt come through (finance was approved and all docs signed, but EH hadnt received the money) They wouldnt release vehicle unless I stumped up the full amount of money the finance company were due to give them. (this was 6.30pm, closing time - they didnt even for warn me/ call me or anything, just left it until last hang on the Friday to tell me I couldnt take the vehicle unless I paid them money instantly. I managed to beg borrow and steal the required amount - money that if I had in my posession in the first place would have meant I wouldnt have needed finance in the first place! Anyway, Using my debit card they took the money on sat 26th March and promised I would get it back ASAP. Upon returning the following friday (1st April) I was told I couldnt have it returned instantly and they would issue a cheque. One week later still no sign of the money (£5100) Ive spoken to them and they say they cant do anything about it. What can I do - Im seriously P*ssed off! Ive taken loads of time off work trying to sort this and seriously out of pocket due to them being absolutely useless. Ive effectively paid twice for the vehicle! Thanks S
  3. Log book and insurance was changed to present address when I moved out of my house, but not driving license. All these things help! Cheers s
  4. Yeah, good idea!. I will do that aswell. Def worth a try! Thanks S
  5. The only thing I have is Car insurance which I changed when I moved out of my house. Oh and I also have the sales agreement with the Estate agents made back in March 2008 - possibly as proof that I arent lying. I wish they hadnt mentioned about the chance to be re-inbursed as its looking unlikey that I can prove the property has been unococcupied for the last 2 years and that means I will be waving bye bye to about £800 s
  6. I still pay council tax for my house Im trying to sell. I dont live there - I live at my girlfriends in another town. My problem is proving to Anglian Water I was not living in my house for 2 years when I only have proof for 6 months (by means of council tax exemption) The reason I only have 6 months council exemption is because the council dont let you off for any longer then that. thanks S
  7. Hi People, Found out today from Angian water that as I havent been living in my house for the last 2 years (trying to sell), I can be re-imbursed all payments I have made since March 2008. Angian said in order to be re-imbursed, I have to provide a council tax exemption letter (which I have, covering Sept 2008 - March 2009). The thing is, the council only provide exemption for 6 months max. How can I prove I havent been living there for 2 years? A 6 months exemption surely wont be enough proof and surely Anglian must know this. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks S
  8. hi there people, Just a quicky to say thanks for all your advice recently. Good news - got my refund!! It took 2 weeks to get the cheque but got it all the same. Thanks again S
  9. Hi people, I made the decision to reject the car and ask for a refund. The car is presently at Bedford Landrover in thier compound. Ive informed Luton Landrover (the dealer it was purchased from) of my decision to a ask for a refund. Ihave been told that I have to speak to the Regional Sales Director on monday. Conveiniently, no one in sales was available today. Anyway, as mentioned before, £4500 is on finance and the other £6000 was paid to LR. Can someone advise me as to how I approach the whole refund situation? Obviously Ill tell the Sales Director of my decision, but what do I do regards the finance company. Do I tell them before the Sales director? Do I write to them? How does this process work? I dont know where to start. Do I also have to put everything in writing to the Sales Director(luton)? Do I have to explain all the events that have occured and why Im rejecting it? The ironic thing about all of this is that the last thing Luton LR said to me is that they are now willing to pick the car up and fix everything at thier own cost. Too little too late in my opinion. What if something else goes wrong? Ive lost all faith in them. Just imagine if I hadnt of spotted the leak and the engine seized or something else just as bad. What would happen then? New engine?!...more phonecalls...and so on....it would have been 100 times worse! Gotta say, the Bedford LR Garage have acted brilliantly and tried to do everything to help - both myself and even tried to help Luton to find a solution, but they was having none of it. Any help on the process of this refund procedure would be much appreciated. Thanks S
  10. Its a 2004 Freelander 2.0TD HSE. One owner and immaculate (so i thought) im sorry to go on. I just new to all this consumer rights and with it being alot of money (£11k) Im so scared I come out of this the loser. I do appreciate all your help and pleased there are forums and knowledable people such as youself to help. As i said just really stressed with matters such as this and worried. Thanks S
  11. Should I get leagal/citizens advice on this to be sure or just go ahead and reject?
  12. its not a head gasket problem, its a IDR unit or something. (at least £600-£1000 not including labour etc) Should I still reject. What would happen with the money side as only half was finance. the other half was paid to Luton LR. Bet they wont make that easy to get back? S
  13. Had a call from Bedford Landrover (where the car currently is). They organised for a Landrover engineer to come and assess the vehicle. The engineer checked it over and has had rejected the car. He said the damage existed before I purchased the car (given Ive only had it a short time and only done 1000miles in it). Either someone at luton knew about it or the previous owner (its only had one owner before me) He says the part has been tampered with at some point and in effect I have been sold a car with faults, whether Luton Landrover knew about it or not. He also said the oil leak which lead to this find should have been identified on the forecourt too. In the meantime, bedford LR have re-assembled the car as it was taking up garage space. They have replaced the oil seal (only a minor problem) and have moved it to thier compound. I know that Luton will want me to take it to them, but would I be in my rights to refuse doing this as, as I see it, the car is faulty and driving it could cause further damage, or even accident. Can I reject the vehicle now even if Luton LR accept blame and repair cost even tho I wont risk driving it to them. In a nutshell. I have been sold a faulty car, repairs or no repairs so I imagine I am justified in wanting a full refund. Incidently, the Landrover is half financed on HP and the other half Paid for by me. Thanks S
  14. Hiya, From the top... I took the vehicle to landrover Bedford for the repairs. The car was actually purchased from Luton landrover, but I checked that it was ok to do this. They said as long as it was a landrover dealer it is not a problem. Bedford began the repairs (under authorisation from the waranty people) and upon fixing the problem (oil leak/sump) they discovered a bigger problem with the IDR unit(dont know what that is). Bedford did get clearance to repair the 1st problem from the warranty people, but not the IDR unit (2nd problem). So Bedford have stopped work on the car untill they got clearance. Luton wont give clearance because it isnt at thier garage. They say I have to take it to them. They say until its at thier garage they wont give permission for repairs. Basically bedford wont let me have the car until someone pays the labour cost for the work already carried out and for the labour to put it back together. Luton say they wont pay and reckon I should pay or bedford (bedford definately wont pay)! At present the car is in bits on bedfords ramps. It is in no state to drive and it would cost more in labour to put it back together. Why should I pay when the warranty covers this? So before I even get to the issue of who is responsible for the actual problem, they wont let me have the car. Bedford said it can only be towed away which luton wont do. bascally we have reache a stalemate. I dont know what to do S
  15. In the Landrover warranty booklet, it says the warranty doesnt cover faults that existed before the warranty began and that any pre-existing/known of faults must have been fixed before the new warranty begins. This fault was undetected due to the nature of it being consealed and beyond the standard service and inspection they carry out, so they couldnt have known about it or else they would have rectified it. Bit of a grey area it seems. Do I still have a case - its the responsibilty still with landrover? Should they have carried out more checks? Incidently, the part alone will cost £1000 then there is labour on top and other expenses.....only had the vehicle 6 weeks!
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