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  1. Hi I have a long standing issue regarding a mortgage shortfall with bradford and bingley for a property which was repossesed many years ago, december last year i sar them and after reminder letters and several phone calls i have received the following in april 2009 Dear fromsouth It is inportant that you understand that not all information, which we may hold, about you is disclosable. Under the act you are entitled to personal data contained within a relevant filing system. You are not entitled to receive every document you might wish to see. Personal data as defined by the court
  2. Hi I received th following letter from natwest in answer the a second cca request Dear fromsouth I write with reference to your request under section78(1) to supply copies of the oringinal agreenment set out under the consumer credit act. We regret to advise that the agreement has been misfiled and despite searching our records we have been unable to locate it. Regrettably we are unable to comply with your request made under 78(1) of the cca. Notwithstanding this the agreement remains valid , and we expect you to continue to meet your obligations under the agreement.
  3. Hi all I cca' d first national for an agreement taken out over 7 years ago, I received the agreement in time but it seems to have been altered. My original has no date on my signiture and the copy does. could I challenge the agreement on that basis. I appreciate your comments Thanks
  4. Hi What did you do about yours, was it uninforceable?
  5. Hi all Thanks for your interest and advice, assuming the agreement is uninforcable what do I do next and how do I stop Capital One calling me at least 3 times a day even though I ve expalined that the account is in dispute.
  6. Hi I think I made a mistake when signing the date.
  7. Hi There is a reference to t & c s, but there is no reference to them being attached or overleaf.
  8. Hi all, i m knew here so please bear with me, I wrote to capitol one requesting a cca on the 15/07/08, they replied by sending a document headed ultra short application form 8039 signed and dated by me and with the aurthorised signiture undated. A letter and seperate t a c s was also sent. I m confused as to what i should do next,would appreciate your comments regards fromsouth t & c doc.pdf app. form_.pdf letter doc.pdf
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