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  1. Okay will do that ..... I have been trying to get to grips with the N1 form and the supporting papers .... it's giving me a headache:(. I seem to recall seeing an N1 template for this type of claim along with details on preparing the court bundle .. can't find it anywhere - was I imagining this? What I need is a step-by-step guide to the process because I'm not finding it as easy as I believed it to be:eek:
  2. ... Just about to do so. I received the EX160A form from the court this morning so I am going to get it all off this week.
  3. ... Just about to do so... I received the EX160A form from the court this morning so I am going to get it all off this week.
  4. Got this from RW this morning ..... I really would appreciate further advice on what my response should be.
  5. I have just got off the phone to the local county court and they are sending an EX160A for exemption/concession of court fees as it appears that I may be abel to get a full remission on issuing a claim against Abbey. Shad.
  6. Okay further developments on this matter today .... I have received a letter from Abbey (in a Robinson.Way & Co envelope) saying that they have sold my account to RW & Co and that any further contact should be made to them. Now since I last posted the situation is as follows; I advised Wescot that I was disputing the account with Abbey and that I intended to file a claim in court - they responded by sending the account back to Abbey. Wescot ... out of the picture:) At the same time I sent Abbey a LBA on advice of 'tiglet' - this was with the view to filing an NI cl
  7. Talking of cheekiness .............. Any chance somone can advise me please;) http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/157879-abbey-data-request-wescot.html#post1693024
  8. Okay, I will get yet another, perhaps stronger, letter off to Wescot today. In the meantime would it be possible for some advice on my concerns over escalating the matter to a county court claim ..... Also, what do I need to look for on an agreement to establish if it is correctly executed and enforceable? 'pretty please'
  9. It is a bank account with an overdraft ... now closed by Abbey.
  10. David, Okay I have read over your thread again (#6) and you may have something here in as much as I may be overlooking the fact the I am in possession of an 'unenforceable' agreement ... What do I need to look for in order to establish if it has been properly executed? Whilst waiting for your response to this point I will go and dig the docs out of the file and study them carefully. Shadrach
  11. I was lead to believe that it serves no real purpose to CCA a bank account I received copies of my application papers when I got my SAR bundle from the bank. I also understood that the 'account in dispute' kicked-in the moment that I made a claim against them for repayment of charges. This doesn't seem to be putting Wescot off making a real nuisance of themselves chasing the total debt. As I said in my opening post, Abbey have received my letter before action and I'm ready to go to court, however I am worried that I will be opening myself up for a 'counterclaim' as the
  12. I have had more agro from Wescot today over this matter and I am unable to think what to do .... totally perplexed:( Desperately seeking help ............. Shadrach
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