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  1. Okay will do that ..... I have been trying to get to grips with the N1 form and the supporting papers .... it's giving me a headache:(. I seem to recall seeing an N1 template for this type of claim along with details on preparing the court bundle .. can't find it anywhere - was I imagining this? What I need is a step-by-step guide to the process because I'm not finding it as easy as I believed it to be:eek:
  2. ... Just about to do so. I received the EX160A form from the court this morning so I am going to get it all off this week.
  3. ... Just about to do so... I received the EX160A form from the court this morning so I am going to get it all off this week.
  4. Got this from RW this morning ..... I really would appreciate further advice on what my response should be.
  5. I have just got off the phone to the local county court and they are sending an EX160A for exemption/concession of court fees as it appears that I may be abel to get a full remission on issuing a claim against Abbey. Shad.
  6. Okay further developments on this matter today .... I have received a letter from Abbey (in a Robinson.Way & Co envelope) saying that they have sold my account to RW & Co and that any further contact should be made to them. Now since I last posted the situation is as follows; I advised Wescot that I was disputing the account with Abbey and that I intended to file a claim in court - they responded by sending the account back to Abbey. Wescot ... out of the picture:) At the same time I sent Abbey a LBA on advice of 'tiglet' - this was with the view to filing an NI claiming back charges - Abbey responded to that with the usual info on the 'test case' and advised me that if I were to continue, they would apply for a 'stay' in the action pending the outcome of the OFT test case. They also advised me that my claim has been registered with them and would be put on hold and dealt with in due course. I have not got around to actually filing the N1 mainly due to lack of funds. So, I am now expecting a barrage of telephone calls from RW together with the usual threat letters ... Advice is needed on how I should proceed with this matter when I hear from RW. I was under the impression that a creditor could not pass on a debt if it was in dispute:confused: Does my claim against Abbey place my account/debt in dispute? My claim against Abbey will not cover the whole debt if I were to succeed, does this give RW any right to continue to pursue me for the balance whilst the OFT case remains unresolved? I welcome your valued input on this matter in order that I can respond to RW when they make contact .. Shad,
  7. Talking of cheekiness .............. Any chance somone can advise me please;) http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/157879-abbey-data-request-wescot.html#post1693024
  8. Okay, I will get yet another, perhaps stronger, letter off to Wescot today. In the meantime would it be possible for some advice on my concerns over escalating the matter to a county court claim ..... Also, what do I need to look for on an agreement to establish if it is correctly executed and enforceable? 'pretty please'
  9. It is a bank account with an overdraft ... now closed by Abbey.
  10. David, Okay I have read over your thread again (#6) and you may have something here in as much as I may be overlooking the fact the I am in possession of an 'unenforceable' agreement ... What do I need to look for in order to establish if it has been properly executed? Whilst waiting for your response to this point I will go and dig the docs out of the file and study them carefully. Shadrach
  11. I was lead to believe that it serves no real purpose to CCA a bank account I received copies of my application papers when I got my SAR bundle from the bank. I also understood that the 'account in dispute' kicked-in the moment that I made a claim against them for repayment of charges. This doesn't seem to be putting Wescot off making a real nuisance of themselves chasing the total debt. As I said in my opening post, Abbey have received my letter before action and I'm ready to go to court, however I am worried that I will be opening myself up for a 'counterclaim' as the debt to Abbey will not be cleared by the claim for charges ... Shadrach
  12. I have had more agro from Wescot today over this matter and I am unable to think what to do .... totally perplexed:( Desperately seeking help ............. Shadrach
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