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  1. akania

    Business tax return

    I need to speak to him regarding this . When I went bankrupt I obviously had to come off as a director to safe keep the business however I have been discharged over 6 years so maybe it's time I went back on especially as there would be such a massive tax saving . Thank you for all your help on this. I should have the funds next week anyway so u guess there is nothing I can do until then .
  2. akania

    Business tax return

    What I am trying to find out though is , is it that he's annoyed or is it that I've cocked his figures up or is it that we will get into trouble with the tax office and fined ?
  3. akania

    Business tax return

    I totally understand however it is my company as much as his , just that I am an employee as I was an ex bankrupt (2007) so it was easier. The company owes me 5000 but I can't take it out for tax reasons lol so a vicious circle. I'm just as annoyed as him as I have been waiting for a compensation cheque from my solicitor since jan 2014 but it's been a catalogue of disasters.
  4. akania

    Business tax return

    Thank you so much for your answer . So why is he acting as if it is the end if the world and we are going to get into trouble ?
  5. akania

    Business tax return

    I am paye by the way
  6. akania

    Business tax return

    I borrowed 3000 paid back 2000 yesterday as that was all i could scrape together . I will have the other 1000 next week but he's having a fit saying he needs it today for the tax return I earnt around 32k last year
  7. I run a business with my brother , he's the director and I'm an employee. I had to borrow some money out if the business and was due to pay it back before the end if the tax year. I have paid most back but I was waiting for some funds to come in which haven't and he's now having a fit that it's going to cause problems because the end of the tax year is coming. I understand nothing about this so could someone give me some advice as to what will happen with the tax office. The amount is £1000.00 Many thanks
  8. http://legalseagulls.info/oft-suspends-credit-licence-of-online-payday-lender-the-office-of-fair-trading/ Saw this as well. Re Micro Lend the same as Mini Credit? If so what happens to all outstanding loans?
  9. I sent off my old paper licence and my new photocard plus payment details to the courts. The courts wrote to me at the end of december sending back my licence stating that the photo card needed the paper counterpart and that I need to get one from the DVLA. I wrote to the dvla filled out the relevant forms to get the icence and have still not had a replacement. The police wrote to me on the 5th of feb saying that they have now passed it to the magistrates court and will be issuing me with a summons. The date of the offence was the 9th of August 2013. I read someonewhere that the police had to 'lay'? the papers with the court withing a 6 month period which as from yesterday is literally 6 months, but I understand that the court can issue a summons at any time thereafter. Is there anyone I can talk to to explain the situation, maybe someone at the courts? I know i should have chased up my licence but i lost my dog suddenly in Janurary and it completely knocked me for six and Ive only just started to get myself back together. Any suggestions on who I can talk to for advice, anyone that could possibly help me at the courts as the police letter says they can no longer help me so dont contact them in other words. Many Thanks.
  10. I don't know I just haven't had anything any this is 3 weeks ago. I have the licence bit not the paper part for the photocard . What do I do know or what can I expect to happen ?
  11. I know and because I didn't do this they wrote to me and advised me that is I didn't have it I needed to wrote to the dvl which I did do. I'm still waiting for them to get back to me and today I got the letter from the olive saying that it's now going to court and I'm to wait for a summons
  12. Basically I was caught speeding. I owned up and sad it was me, sent my licence and my debit card details to pay the fine. They said that my photo licence didn't have the right paper bit attached and I needed to send it of to dvla to get the paper bit then re submit it. I am waiting for dvla to get back to me and today I got a letter from the police saying that they are now applying to the court for a summons. Also in the letter it says they can no longer help me and I basically just need to wait for the summons . I'm really confused on what I need to do to make this better
  13. So who do u talk to at the court or how do I get someone to understand what is happening ?
  14. I was caught speeding in August 2013 and I said it was me driving . Sent in my paper licence and my photo card licence together with payment details. They sent it back saying i needed to sent the other partoif my photocard licence or apply to dvla for it. I have and have not received it back yet and now the police have written to me saying they are going to issue me with a summons??! Any advice on what I can do because the letter from the police says they can no longer help me in this matter and not to write to them? Thanks
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