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  1. I appreciate what ye say, and I will try every possible option, but ultimately I'm quite happy to take legal action if it comes to it because the goods were returnable under distance selling regulastions which is a legal right, and the seller is not disputing my rights under distance selling. What tey ARE doing is claiming they did not receive the returned goods despite me using a reputable courier and having proof of delivery. I am confident I would succeed. I simply need a name.....
  2. Small amount; much less than £100. Already submitted complaint to ebay and they dismissed it claiming I had no proof of delivery WHICH I DO. There is no way to raise the complaint to a higher level on ebay and out of principle I want redress against the seller. Ebay refuse to disclose sellers name. Paypal also refusing.
  3. I purchased an item on ebay and the seller sent an item that was substantially different from that listed. I returned for refund under distance selling and the seller claims he didn't receive it. I have proof of delivery. The seller trades on ebay under a "business" name and will not disclose his/her real name to me. Ebay will not disclose the sellers details either. I wanted to progress this matter as a small claims action but require a HUMAN name to claim against. Any advice please?
  4. Car is 7 years old and was bought in October. My Sister has already "demanded" a refund and been met with abuse. The dealer "repaired" the car (NOT). The local Renault specialist has advised that the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the car once repaired. It also turns out (I have only just learned) that ALL tyres on the car were below the legal minimum when sold. I have advised my Sister to raise a Summary Cause in the Sheriff Court.
  5. Location = Scotland My Sister bought a Renault Scenic for £3,000 from a small dealer 100miles away (day 1). On day 2 it broke down with INJECTOR FAULT displayed on the dash, and was recovered to a small local garage who managed to get the car going (this work was authorised by the dealer and has been paid for by the dealer). Day 5 the car broke down again, and local garage attended and got it going. Day 7 the car broke down again and sat at my Mother's until it was recovered on day 14 by local garage, and they got it going. Day 18 the car broke down again, and local garage at
  6. 2 questions if I may? My neighbour has received a final demand for almost £800 of 2008 Council Tax. How she has got in this mess I do not know as she and her partner were both working. Never the less, he moved out a few weeks ago; i.e. he was residing there during the full period of liability for the 2008 Council Tax. The final demand is in joint names. 1) Is my neighbour liable for 100% of the outstanding amount, or only 50%? If this goes to Court (as the Council are threatening), it would seem only to make the situation worse, as it would add £90 to the outstan
  7. My Wife has responded to her NIP, declaring me as the driver; which I was. I have received my NIP and responded, admitting I was the driver. I have now been offered £60/3-points. This has really grated on me as I am not in the habit of speeding, so much so that the kids hate it when I drive because they say I "drive like an old man". I have been a professional driver of either taxis/vans/HGV's/Trains for the last 20 years with no previous, (and as far as the HGV's and Trains go, we have "blackbox" spy in the cab technology). I recently took my Wife's car for 2 new front tyr
  8. Please excuse if this is in the wrong forum; I couldn't find one that was exactly right, but this one seemed the closest. I received my new credit card toady as the old one was about to expire, and I rang them up to activate the card, whereupon a woman tried her hardest to sell me various add on packages, including one for identity theft. She asked me what I knew about identity theft, to which I told her I'd seen it on TV and read about it in papers, where people go through your bins for paperwork, and open accounts/credit cards/loans in your name etc. She told me that if that h
  9. Well all our other mail gets redirected from the old address, including (recently) car AND bike tax reminders, so in my opinion they DID NOT send a NIP to the old address; although they claim they did. I believe they did not but it would be impossible to prove; they could argue that they sent it but it got lost in the post? With regards to your comment about pursuing it as out of date, how do I do this? I have (my Wife has) until 2nd September to respond to the NIP she received.
  10. I telephoned the number on the NIP and explained we couldn't remember who was driving, and the lady said we could have a copy of the photos. Having now seen them (taken from the front), they show it was I who was driving. What really annoys me is it was 35 in a 30, which means I wasn't purposely speeding; if I was I would surely have been going faster wouldn't I?. As it happens I do not purposely speed; EVER. What has obviously happened is I have taken my eyes off the speedo, or the gradient of the road has caught me unawares. And if it had been a "REAL" cop, they might have pulled m
  11. a) When did you move February 2008 b) When was the date of the offence 26th May 2008 c) When did the mail forwarding from you old address to your new address cease, or is it still going on. Ongoing (took a 12 month redirection contract) d) When did you notify the DVLA of your new address. Today; having only today realised the oversight. e) What is the date at the top of the NIP, the date it was sent out. 5th August 2008 Sorry for retrospective answers; I tried to initially include all information I considered relevant. Sorry for late post tonight; didn't finis
  12. We did change address in February, and it turns out the car is still registered at the previous address; an oversight on our part. Although, the insurance is at the new address (because it was due in March); so I am presuming they have obtained our current address from the insurance database? In which case surely they should have issued the NIP in the 14-day period you guys refer to? Irrespective, we have a redirection service with Royal Mail, so if they DID send a NIP to the old address, it SHOULD have been redirected to our current address, shouldn't it? Additionally, there is
  13. We have had this car for almost 3 years and registered to my Wife, as I'm the secondary driver; I ride a moped to work, and don't use the car anywhere near as often as she does.
  14. My Wife received Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) yesterday for allegation of 35 in a 30 zone. Date of alleged offence was SEVENTY TWO days ago. Only my Wife and I drive the car in question. Neither of us can recall who was driving the car that particular day on that particular stretch of road (it WAS 72 days ago for heavens sake). The NIP requires her by Law to say who was driving, but only allows her to declare she WAS or WAS NOT the driver; it does not allow for a GENUINE case of don't know. This is not a [problem]; we genuinely cannot remember who was driving (
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