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  1. Thanks for the advise I will write a strong letter to the letting agents. The flats are seperate. We have a communal hall way, and thats it.
  2. I recieved a distressed phonecall fom the guy who lives in the flat below me at 12.15pm today at work. He said I'd better get home as the agent had tried to call me this morning and because i hadn't answered he had kicked the front door in, and his front door in and was going to kick mine in as well. I rushed back to the flats to find the landlord in the guys flats moving things around. He got very agressive, and said we had 30 mins to tidy our flats up as he had a surveyer coming at 1pm. I said why hadn't he contacted me yesterday to give 24 hour notice, he said I wouldn't have answered! Anyway, the guy who lives in the flat below me said that he didn't even knock on the door he kicked the front door off and then his door while he was sat watching the TV. I rang the agents boss to tell them what he had done and they confirmed there was a surveyer coming and could we let him do his job and he would deal with the agent as he shouldn't have kicked the door in. While I was on the phone, the agent was threaten the other tennant with eviction in 7 days if we didn't tidy up. he had a screwdriver in his hand and was saying 'don't push me' (this was due to the other tennant telling him to leave the property). I managed to get the agent to leave and told him we would tidy up. We tidyed our flats, and around 1.30 two men cam in and had a look around both flats. They then introduced themselves as the new owner and letting agent ( we had no idea the property was up for sale). they confirmed that the sale was going through. I then had to go back to work, but left my flat open. The other tennebt then phoned me to say that a surveyer had been to measure up. I contcted the estate agency to find out whennsomeone would be out to fix the locks. She said she would get someone to call me back, but no-one has called as yet. I get the impression, that they were only concerned about the locks being broken and the arguement with the agent, just in case the new owner pulled out. Now the sales going through they don't really care. What would be the best course of action. I'm considering going to the police about the agent. But not sure if this will do any good? Yours, very shaken up
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